Videos 300 - 399

Running Time: 92:40

Winners and Losers Vol XIV

Our fourteenth volume of Winners & Losers continues in capturing the climactic finish to 21 matches featuring 24 ladies. The total triumphs and devastating defeats are all on view in this video.

Running Time: 62:40

Tigresses! / Submission Struggles

Tigresses match Brenda (5'1-102lbs) and Sarah (5'5-105lbs) in a one fall to knockout topless tangle. These ferocious felines wrestle in g-string animal prints which the loser forfeits as she is dragged off the mat and bound by the wrists with it. Submissions Struggles is a best of 7 falls topless tussle between Samantha (5'7-126lbs) and Beth (5'4-118lbs). Finishing holds included: Camel Clutch, figure-4 leglock, layover leg lock, strait-jacket choke out, standing head scissors, abdominal stretch and face claw. The winner laid claim to the loser's bikini bottom as she posed over her beaten rival.

Running Time: 40:00

Mixed Handicap Match/ David, Sasha and Shelli

The intrepid David (5'7 - 159 lbs) takes on the newly constitued tag team of Sasha (5'5-136 lbs) and Shelli (5'6-135 lbs) in a 30 minutes pins and submissions match. Three submissions were recorded and a definitive winner emerged.

Running Time: 50:20

Nude Challenge Match/Double Dose of Domination

Nude Challenge pits the confident rookie Emily (5141-109lbs) against the more experienced Tori (5'3-105lbs) in a best of five falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: double ankle lock, leg nelson, figure-4 leglock, reverse headlock and sleeper. The loser was left hog-tied with her own bikini. Double Dose of Domination opens with dominatrixes Sarah and Raquel working over nude slave Brenda. They soon fall to arguing among themselves as to whose slave Brenda is. A brief and fierce struggle ensues. One dominatrix emerges victorious. She strips and ties the loser to Brenda thus laying claim to the both of them.

Running Time: 68:30

Panty Domination/Tights and Body Stocking

Panty Domination pair Rose and Katie in a three falls topless one-sided match. A gruelling regimen of sustained scissors and pins forces one lady to submit all three times. Rashon (5'6- 120lbs) and Xena (5'8-118lbs) catfigbt and wrestle in a best of 3 falls match. They start each fall in different attire (thus accounting for our title). Finishing submissions recorded were: figure-four head-scissors, reverse face sit and atomic drop. In the final. fall the k.o.led loser was not only stripped but rolled right off the mat and left unconscious on the gym floor.

Running Time: 60:30

Texas Taped Fist Match/Apt Hand Smothers

Aquel and Candi square off in Texas Taped Fist Death/Strip Match: a bloody 7 falls fight to the finish with punches, knee & elbow smashes, breast mauls, crotch grabs and rope strangles. The loser is stripped, tied and left a bloody pulp on display by the vocal victor. Apartment Hand Smothers features Rashon and Sarah topless and in mini-dresses attempting to hand throttle each other in the small confines of a bedroom. Repeated smothers and revivals highlight this nip and tuck struggle until one lady is finally hand smothered into oblivion.

Running Time: 71:15

2 Competitive Bikini Matches

We offer two lively bikini-clad 30 minutes pins and submissions matches. our new sensation Shelli (5'6-133lbs) goes up against our two most popular and experienced veterans: Jill (5'6-130lbs) and Sasha (5'5-134lbs). Both matches contained multi pins and submissions which included: headlock, scissors and sleeper.

Running Time: 43:10

Scissored Man/The Beating

This tape runs the gamet from an erotic and sensuous scissors session to a very violent no holding back anything confrontation. Raquel (5'6-115lbs) keeps Jackson controlled with scissors, pins and smothers. "No more Mrs. Nice Guy" Sasha has to beat some serious butt in order to get lazy couch-jockey Quin to shape up.

Running Time: 43:00

Wrestle Wear/The Fashion Parade

We decided to combine fashion and wrestling. In order to launch our new Bikini/Wrestle Wear Web Site we had the ladies model our outfits then wrestle in them. Our friends at Digital-Ads will be hosting the site which will be linked to our present one. This video serves as our handy bikini catalogue with the added attraction of seeing the beautiful ladies on the mat in competition wearing them.

Running Time: 72:00

4 Mixed Pin Matches

The intrepid David decided to challenge four ladies to 15 minutes pins only matches. Candi (5'7-128lbs), Rose (5'8-123lbs), Shelli (5'6-133lbs) and Sasha (5'5-136lbs) answered David's challenge. The action recorded was extremely intense and non-stop.

Running Time: 59:10

One Match Wonders

Not all ladies have what it takes to be Woman's World Wrestling Club wrestlers. Some have tried it once and did not return for seconds. We compiled a tape of what we call our one match wonders. We include matches of: Amber, Lori, Lexi, Tina, Lisa, Brook, Vicci, Sheena, Sami, Summer, Jane & Taylor. Perhaps one day one of them just might return.

Running Time: 68:00

Jackson sv Chelsea/Quin vs Sasha

We dug deep into our archival vault to bring the complete match between Jackson and long-legged lovely Chelsea (5'11-135lbs). Chelsea always made the most of her lithe legs as Jackson soon realizes. Does Sasha possess magical powers? After what she does to Quin you may just believe it so. Poof!!! is a light-hearted romp complete with a game of blind man's bluff and paddling thrown in for good measure.

Running Time: 121:00


This two hour compilation tape contains 17 segments and 21 ladies caught in the extreme. This tape features bare-fist punching, blood, bondage, smothers, tickling, pony rides and domination. The price of this tape is $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 122:15

Baring it All

This two hour compilation tape has 18 matches and features 19 different ladies wrestling au naturel. All matches have definitive winners and losers. The price of this tape is $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 54:30

Submit 1 2 3

Bodybuilder powerhouse Christine (5'3-148lb) takes on 2 fitness ladies (Shelli 5'6-1331bs & Candi (5'7-129) in 2 separate matches. Submit & Submit the format is a 30 minutes submission match in which 12 submission were recorded. In 1-2-3 the match was a best of 5 falls wrestle.

Running Time: 57:45

4 Girl Topless Lightweight Tournament

This lightweight Competitive Tournament features: Katie (5'6"-120 lbs) Samantha (5'7-122 lbs), Sarah (5'5"-105 lbs) and Xena (5'8'-117 lbs), in six topless competitive matches. Each match was a 7 minute pins and submission format. Each lady wrestled the three other competitors to achieve a tournament winner.

Running Time: 90:15

Sleeper Hold Finishers

Sleeper Hold Finishers is a compilation tape which captures 31 sleeper finishes featuring 30 different ladies. If you are a aficionado of the dreaded sleeper then this tape was made for you.

Running Time: 54:30

Submissions and Pins/5 Sequences

Submissions and Pins is a beet of 7 falls match between Shelli (5'6-l33 lbs) and Randi (5'6"-135lbs), making her wrestling debut. Among the finishes were waist scissors/full nelson, cross pin, reverse head scissors, surfboard schoolgirl pin and chinlock. 5 sequences match Sarah (5'5"-l03lbs) and Raquel (5'6'-105 lbs) in five sets of strength and endurance. With one lady applying the holds the other has the choice of submitting or enduring the pain. Th five holds utilized were; abdominal fist/claw, head scissors, waist scissors, headlock and mutual hear-hugs.

Running Time: 123:00

Masked Ladies:Mystery Matches

There is special mystery about a lady in a mask so we decided to compile 19 individual masked matches. In some cases both of the wrestlers were masked. In others, only one lady wore a mask. Each segment is filmed to conclusion with a clear winner and loser. The price of this tape is $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a 4 for 100 package deal.

Running Time: 63:30

Jill vs Jackson/Joy vs Quin

From Our Archives we offer fitness power-girl Jill (5'6"-1351bs) against perennial favorite Jackson in a thirty minute competitive match. In O'Lucky Man the bountiful Joy (6'0"-l65lbs) matches up with that lucky rapscallion Quin in one of her rare mixed match encounters.

Running Time: 57:45

3 Custom Videos

We offer three custom videos with this tape. Raquel and Sarah wrestle and catfight for the affection of their mutual boyfriend. Katie and Rose go to the mats wearing pantyhose in their one fall rematch. In the Knocked Out, Jill, Rashon and Sandy tangle as the knockouts come fast and furious until an ultimate winner emerges.

Running Time: 69:30

2 Mixed Competitive Matches

The ever versatile David (5'7'-1471bs) faces off against confident veteran Sasha (5-5-133lbs), and untested novice Randi (5'6"-l36lbs) making her mixed wrestling debut, in these two thirty minutes pins and submissions contests. The first match had four recorded pins and subm4ssions and the second featured three pins. As always with David the matches were highly energized tests in wrestling skills and endurance.

Running Time: 72:30

I Will Fight For My Man/Submission

Rashon and Raquel square off in this topless tangle which starts with a backrub and ends with one girl stripped, bound and humiliated. Rachel (5'10O"- 1391bs) and Sarah (5'5"-l05lbs) pair off in a classic big girl vs. little girl best of five falls submissions match. This bikini wrestle was highlighted by sleeper iron claw and smother finishes with the loser stripped and tied by the victor.

Running Time: 111:00

Rashon and Ready to Kick Butt

Fans of Rashon are in for a treat with this special compilation tape. We start with Rashon modeling and posing then go straight to the action as she takes on 17 different ladies and dispatches all 17. The price of this tape is $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 122:35

Rachel:Win Some, Lose Many

Although Rachel may have lost more matches than she won it is always exciting seeing her in action. For that reason we have compiled this special tape which concentrates on her in 25 different segments with 21 different ladies. The price of this tape is $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 123:00

Winners and Losers Vol XV

Volume XV of our Winners and Losers series contains 21 new segments featuring 22 ladies in closing and climactic action. The price of this tape is $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 69:10

The Punisher/The Rites Of Spring

The Punisher swings into action when a mysterious phone caller contracts to have someone severely punished. The end comes with one lady's head submerged in a bucket, stripped, bound and photo-graphed as per the phone caller's request The Rites of Spring opens with Sarah rehearsing her dance routine when a sinister dominatrix (Amanda) appears with other intentions in mind. The wrestle and catfight that ensues leaves one combatant vanquished, stripped and tied.

Running Time: 42:15

A Little Boxing and Mixed Competitive

David (5'7"-l48lbs) and Robin (6'1"-165 lbs) start off with an impromptu boxing match that quickly turns into a wrestling match. And that was just the preliminary to the main event; a thirty minutes pins and submissions wrestling match, which featured a total of six recorded fall victories.

Running Time: 76:30

Bikini Claim/Submissions and Pins

This tape pits two of our newest additions (Randi - 5'6"-1361bs & Danielle - 5'l-101 lbs) against two veterans (Sasha 5'5"-1341bs & Sarah - 5'5" 105 lbs). Sarah and Danielle compete in a best of 3 falls bikini claim rules match while Sasha and Randi go at it in a best of 7 falls submissions and pins contest. Finishing holds in-cluded: reverse face pin, reverse head scissors, grapevine & reverse headlock combo, cross pin, chin-lock, full-nelson and standing head scissors.

Running Time: 56:10

Not Tough Enough/Lift My Wife

These two themed videos pay special emphasis to lifts and carries. In our first offering Raquel tries to take on the lady enforcers (Sasha & Raquel) of Rolando's gang only to find that she may have taken on more than she can carry. In Lift My Wife .Please! Rolando introduces old friend Sasha to Raquel then has her lift and carry Raquel as he directs the action.

Running Time: 31:30

Secret Stalkings

Hit Lady Rose's assignment is to eliminate Candi. We follow Rose as she drives out to Candi's townhouse to initiate the plan. The first encounter occurs by the pool as Rose stalks her prey. The action intensifies as Rose follows Candi home. The remainder of the horrific confrontation takes place in the living room on the stairs, in the bedroom and finally ends in the bathtub.

Running Time: 49:10

4 for All/3 for All

4 For All features Rachel (5'10"-1371bs), Candi (5'7"-133lbs), Fran (5'6"-l3llbs) and Sarah (5'5"-105lbs) in a knockout battle to the finish with the three losers stripped, tied and posed. 3 For All has veteran Sarah and new girls Danielle (5'2"-l03lbs) & Sarina (5'4"-ll2lbs) in a similar knockout wrestle. The end comes with the two losers stripped, tied and stacked one upon the other as the winner thoroughly enjoys her triumph.

Running Time: 76:20

Face Pin Submissions/Smother Submissions

Tiny Brenda (5'0"-103 lbs) takes on Fran (5'6-131 lbs) in a topless best of five falls face pin submissions match. The loser is stripped and face pinned into unconsciousness. Smother Submissions matches Alexis (5'9-140 lbs) and Rose (5'8"1251bs) in a topless best of five falls smother submission battle. Finishing smothers included: breast, foot, hand and face.

Running Time: 71:40

The Rites of Spring Part Deux/Harem Submissions

Just when Sarah thought it was safe to rehearse her dance routine along comes another dominatrix (Jade) intent on doing her bodily harm. The end comes with a reverse face pin, stomach claw and standing head-scissors with the loser stripped and tied by her wrists and ankles. Harem Submissions pits Xena (5'8-120 lbs) against new girl Kristen (5'8-l20lbs) making her match debut., Punishing holds included: reverse head-scissors match-book pin, camel clutch, neck breaker and sleeper.

Running Time: 63:55

Shampoo Queen/No More Bad Bosses

Jill wrestles Zoe to secure the title of Shampoo Queen. The end comes with a sleeper to be followed with a head to toe body shampoo and a baldy haircut. In No More Bad Bosses, Samantha has to discipline unruly employee Candi. Candi of course has other ideas. The two catfight and wrestle until a choke-out renders one unconscious. The loser is stripped, body shampooed and made to suffer the added embarrassment of being interrogated naked in view of the other company employees.

Running Time: 59:30

The Ultimate Slave Fighter

The Ultimate Slave Fighter pits Candi, Jade and Samantha in naked battle to entertain Mistress Brenda. Neck scissors and breast smothers result in three knockouts. Also included during the course of the action was: dog and pony shows body shampoos and a triple decker stacked and tied finish.

Running Time: 43:15

Wrestled to Exhaustion

Veteran Candi (5'7"-l3blbs) takes on novice Lee (58"-117lbs) in a one fall to submission endurance test. The end finally comes with a pin and iron claw submission. The loser is stripped and the winner poses in triumph by standing on her defeated rival.

Running Time: 46:30

Scissors and Pins:Best of 7 Falls

Rose (5'8-124 lbs) and Randi (5'6"-134 lbs) tangle in a grueling seven falls topless submissions wrestle. Finishing holds in-cluded: front face pin, standing head-scissors, reverse figure-4 head-scissors, reverse face pin, fulcrum neck scissors, head scissors and reverse head scissors. The winner layed claim to her opponent's bikini bottom, using it to tie her up with.

Running Time: 33:00

Secret Stalker

Hit Lady Rose nest assignment is to take care of Jill. After following her to the park an unexpected complication arises which propels the action to the climactic apartment battle.

Running Time: 123:00


Volume 2 is a two hour plus compilation tape featuring: bare knuckles fisticuffs, water dunking, face-sits, foot smothers, dog walks, pony rides and lots of extreme domination. The price of this tape is $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 98:00

The Shelli Battles

Shelli (5'6" - 133 lbs.) and David (5'7" - 147 lbs.) face off in three separate 30 minute pins and submissions matches which we have compiled into one outstanding mixed competitive video. The first match has five recorded pins and submissions, the second had three and the third had four. These two evenly matched competitors offer excitement and enthusiasm for mixed wrestling enthusiasts. The price of this tape is $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 122:00

Zora Beautiful Loser

This two hour compilation tape is a follow-up to our successful Zora: Beautiful Loser Volume I (SLV-281). Once again the focus was on Zora as she battled to avoid defeat. This tape offers mat matches, apartment fights and outdoor location battles. The price of this tape is $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 47:45

Submissions Brenda vs Danielle

Brenda (5'0" - 101 lbs.) and Danielle (5'1" - 102 lbs.) wrestle topless in this best of five falls submissions match. These two petite grapplers were evenly paired as the match went the full distance before a winner emerged. Finishing holds included: headscissors, reverse headlock, reverse headscissors and reverse figure-four headscissors. The winner laid claim to the loser's bikini bottom.

Running Time: 66:00

Back to Sleep/Blonde Toy

Both matches on this tape were one-sided domination destruction derbies. Mistress Sarah knocks out Rachel, Candi and Fran then proceeds to strip and tie them. Each time one lady regains consciousness she is put back to sleep with various holds: smothers, pressure points, sleeper holds. Likewise poor Anka is continuously knocked out by Rashon and Lee using different holds to keep her unconscious, culminating in a double foot tickling finish.

Running Time: 63:30

Tied Tight for the Night/I Hate Blondes

Tied Tight For The Night puts Fran and Samantha in a wrestling match that leaves both naked. The winner has her way with her defeated opponent leaving her rope-tied and k.o.'d. In "I Hate Blondes!" Lee walks into a match between Katie and Zoe then finds herself wrestling each of the blondes. The end result is two stripped and k.o.'d ladies left lying on the mat.

Running Time: 74:30

2 Topless Competitive Matches

This tape offers two topless competitive wrestling matches. Our first match has Shelli (5'6'' - 135 lbs) going up against Rusti, (5' 10" - 125 lbs) making her wrestling debut. This was a submissions only match that lasted thirty minutes. Five recorded submissions were made, including waist-scissors, headlock and grapevine. The second match was a thirty pins and submissions contest between the evenly matched Xena (5' 8" - 118 lbs) and Lee (5' 8" - 119 lbs).

Running Time: 42:45

Forfeit:Best of 7 Falls

Jade (5' 8" - 120 lbs) and Xena (5' 8" - 120 lbs) were paired in this best of 7 falls submissions match. The match started with a kiss but ended with two naked grapplers; the loser of each fall had to frofeit an article of attire. Fininshing submissions included: reverse figure - 4 headscissors, pretzel-pin, chinlock, reverse headscissors, reverse face-pin, pressure points and leg drops.

Running Time: 61:30

Wild Things/Agent of Destruction

Beth (5' 4" - 122 lbs) and Jade (5' 8'' - 120 lbs) tangled in this wild, topless best of three falls match. Finishing submissions included: Figure 4 headscissors chinlock/neck-stretch and sleeper. In Agent of Destruction, Sarah (5' 5" - 106 lbs) and Lee (5' 8" - 119 lbs) wrestled in a one fall to submission match. The defeated wrestler was then further worked over by the victor who left her stripped and tied.

Running Time: 35:45

Stalking in Plain Site

Hit Lady Rose's next assignment is to finish off Sarah. After sighting her at a shopping center Rose follows her to her apartment complex. Rose attacks Sarah in the swimming pool but the end comes inside her apartment. Rose's phone instructions are to tickle-tortue Sarah while the caller listens in on poor Sarah's torment.

Running Time: 68:45

Win and Strip/Rose vs Lee

Both matches on this video were best of 5 falls submissions. The first Win & Strip pitted Danielle (5' 2" - 104 lbs) against Sarina (5' 4" - 112 lbs). Sarah was the referee. These new girls wrestled to victory, claiming the loser's outfit and necessitating five changes of outfits. The loser was not only stripped but hog-tied as the winner posed over her in triumph. Rose (5' 8" - 121 lbs) and Lee (5' 8" - 118 lbs) wrestled in a topless submissions struggle. Finishing holds included: full-nelson, reverse face-pin, match-book pin, grapevine/headlock, throttle. The loser was stripped and hog-tied.

Running Time: 123:00

Winners and Losers Vol. XVI

Winners & Losers Volume XVI is a two hour plus compilation of the climatic closes of 22 seperate matches involving 28 different ladies. This tape is priced at $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 79:00

2 Topless Competitive Matches

This video features two topless pins ans submissions wrestling matches. The first match is between Lee (5' 8" - 122 lbs) and Rusti (5' 10" - 121 lbs) and the second match is between Anka (5' 6" - 105 lbs) and Emily (5' 4" - 107 lbs). Both matches were very enenly fought with multiple pins and submissions recorded.

Running Time: 43:40

Middleweight Tournament

Our Middle-Weights Tournament featured: Randi (5' 6" -136 lbs), Sasha (5' 5" - 136 lbs) Shelli (5' 6" - 135 lbs) and Zoe (5' 8" -137 lbs) in topless competitive action. Each lady wrestled all her opponents for a total of six matches. A small controversy arose when a nose was literally bent out of shape but wrestling resumed and a clear-cut winner emerged.

Running Time: 44:30

The Final Showdown and Catspat The Date

Little Danielle takes on an old school nemesis (Rose) in The Final Showdown. Can the little girl hold up against the big one? Will Danielle get some measure of revenge against Rose? Sasha tries to get Shelli's date in Catspat: The Date. This apartment battle wrestle/catfight leaves one lady stripped and "all tied up for the night".

Running Time: 92:20

Mixed Bad Vol III

Our popular Mixed Bag compilation tape continues with Volume III.It features 27 individual segments, 19 different ladies and 15 gentlemen in a fast paced potpourri of wrestling and domination highlights.

Running Time: 41:50

Two Handicap Matches

Rose ( 5' 8"-121 lbs) puts her wrestling skills to the test against the tag team of Sarah (5' 5"-103 lbs) and Anka (5' 6"-109 lbs) in these two topless handicap matches. Both matches were one fall to submision. The two finishing holds were: scorpion leg-lock and reverse face sit. A strip and tie-up awaited the loser.

Running Time: 42:15

Bow and Arrow Submission 3 Matches

These three bikini matches all ended with bow and arrow submissions. Jill (5' 6"-132 lbs) wrestled with Samantha (5' 7"-127 lbs) in the first match, Fran (5' 6"-135 lbs) in the second and against both in the third. Submissions included: overhead bow and arrow, rocking horse, leg stretch and baby swing.

Running Time: 64:00

You Want More

Rachel (5' 10"-141 lbs) and Lee (5' 8"-122 lbs) were paired in this best of 7 falls submissions match. Finishing submissions included: seated back-breaker head-scissors, jacknife pin, bow and arrow head scissors, fulcrum neck-scissors and armbar, one arm choke-out. The climax of the match was a bare fisted punchout which left one lady bloody and totally defeated.

Running Time: 54:00

The Final Final Showdown

Little Danielle (5' 1"- 105 lbs) had two scores to settle with big ladies Rose (5' 8"-121lbs) and Robin (6' 1"-160 lbs). The first match was an apartment catfight in dresses and heels. The second was a mat wrestle in bikinis. A series of face sits and breast smothers were used to achieve dominance. Was the little girl able to triumph against the tall titans pitted against her? You will have to see for yourself.

Running Time: 68:30

2 Competitive Mixed Matches

David (5' 7"-146 lbs) faces two ladies making their mixed match debuts for Women's World wrestling Club: Lee (5' 8"-122 lbs) and Toni (5' 6"-114 lbs). Both matches were 30 minute pin or submission format. The evenness and intensity of the competitions resulted in only three recorded submissions and pins for both matches.

Running Time: 65:00

Submissions Best of 7 Falls with Rose, Rusty, Sasha and Shelli

Rose (5' 8"-121 lbs) and Rusti ( 5' 10"-122 lbs) tangled in this topless best of 7 falls submissions match. Finishing submissions included: figure-four head-scissoirs, chin-lock, leg-lock, bow and arrow, iron claw and grapevine combo, hangman reverse chin-lock and atomic drop. The loser was stripped and posed by the triumphant winner. Sasha (5' 5"-137 lbs) and Shelli (5' 6"-136 lbs) were paired in a best of five falls submissions match. The only submissions utilized were sleeper and iron claw. The loser was unceremoniously rolled off the mat and stripped by the winner.

Running Time: 44:30

More Slaves for Mistress

Mistress Aquel has to personally train and toughen her naked slaves Toni and Xena in preparation for their slave match with Danielle and Mistress Jade. The stakes are high: the losing slave fighter is forfeited to a new mistress. Both Miustress Jade and Aquel are confident that by the end of the match there will be more slaves for mistress.

Running Time: 55:00

The Destructress

Veteran Sarah (5' 5"-105 lbs) goes up against Toni (5' 7"-114 lbs) who is making her wrestling debut. The ladies wrestle topless in tiny g-strings in this best of 7 falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: figure-four head scissors, leg-nelson, foot smother, reverse face sit & pressure points. The loser was stripped, tied, body shampooed and cruelly dominated.

Running Time: 71:00

Boa Constrictor and No Legs to Stand on

Office Manager Sasha has to settle a debt with deadbeat Anka. After suffering a series of devastating scissor dominations inflicted by Sasha (a.k.a. Boa Constrictor) the hapless Anka promises to pay back the money with interest. Samantha (5' 7"-123 lbs) and Lee (5' 8"-121 lbs) are matched in this best of 3 falls topless submissions wrestle. Finishes included: full-nelson, lay-over ankle lock and figure-four leg lock. The loser is stripped, posed on and hog-tied.

Running Time: 60:10

Rachel vs The All American Team

Rachel (5' 10"-140 lbs) answered the challenge to wrestle The All-American Team, consisting of veteran Rose (5' 8" - 120 lbs) and new girl Marissa (5' 5" - 120 lbs) in a best of five falls handicap match. Finishing holds included: over the knee backbreaker, reverse bear-hug, standing surfboard, atomic drop and sleeper.

Running Time: 123:00

Wilted Rose

We compiled a tape featuring the beautiful Rose in the loser's role. There are 29 separate segments with 26 different opponents each culminating in Rose's defeat. This 2 hour plus tape costs $49.95 and would count as 2 videos in a four for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 78:30

Action Jackson and Dominating

Jackson shifts into high gear as he wrestles against the lovely, athletic Shelli (5' 6" - 136 lbs). Jill (5' 6" - 133 lbs) thoroughly dominates Brad with a series of holds: headlock, cross-pin, school-girl pin, waist scissors, body cradle, head-scissors, grapevine, and standing surf-board.

Running Time: 80:40

You're Fired Again and Two for the Money

When a disgrunted former employee (Sasha) returns she seeks revenge against the office manager (Fran) who fired her. The two hellcats have it out once and for all before settling matters. In Two For the Money, Aquel agrees to wrestle both Fran and Samantha in order to collect her fee from a mysterious caller who arranged the match.

Running Time: 72:05

Continue and Blondes in Black

Continue in a topless, panty-hose match between Rose (5' 8"-121 lbs.) and Shelli (5' 6"-133 lbs.) with no set falls or time limit. Victory occurs when one wrestler is no longer able to continue. Finishing holds used included: sleeper, double ax-hand smash, neck-breaker, camel clutch, face pin, leg drop and pressure points. Blonds in Black matches Jill (5' 6"-128 lbs.) and Katie (5' 8"- 121 lbs.) in a best of 7 falls submissions wrestle. Both ladies are attired in black bikinis. Finishing holds employed were: reverse face pin, reverse hangman, upside down bear-hug, arm choke out, head scissors/straight-jacket combo, standing surfboard and sleeper. The winner added her opponent's bikini to her own collection.

Running Time: 56:30

Headscissor Submissions

Head scissors were the weapons of choice in this best of 5 falls match between Lee (5' 8"-118 lbs.) and Toni (5' 7"-114 lbs.). The ladies start off in bikinis and chaps but the loser must forfeit an article of clothing with each submission until one is left stripped, gagged, blindfolded and hogtied.

Running Time: 123:00

Winners and Losers XVII

This two hour plus compilation features 23 closing segments of matches with 29 different ladies. As always a definitive winner emerges. This tape is priced at $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 44:00

Competive with Rashon and Lee

Rashon (5' 6"-118 lbs.) and Lee (5' 8"-122 lbs.) were matched in this topless, competitive, 30 minutes pins (3 count) and submissions contest. Two pins and two submissions were recorded by our on the spot referee Sarah.

Running Time: 122:20

Tickle Torture and Foot Smothers

This two hour plus compilation tape combines tickling torture and foot smothering. There are 38 individual segments with 28 different ladies featured. This tape is priced at $49.95 and would count as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 35:00

The Hit Lady Series with Rose Toni and Katie

Our popular Hit Lady Series continues with Rose being herself the target this time. Both Katie and Toni are dispatched to do her in. Fierce wrestling encounters occur in the office, the shower and behind a silhouette curtain before matters are finally resolved.

Running Time: 56:00

5 Part competition and Beach Bully

Beth (5' 4" - 119 lbs) and Toni (5' 6" - 116 lbs) compete in a 5 Part Competition: wrestling pins, wrestling submissions, pugil sticks, boxing and extreme. The end comes with one competitor stripped, knocked out and bloody. Beach Bully has Rachel kicking sand in Rose's face in an attempt to pick up Rose's beach blanket boyfriend. Rose has no choice but to fight if she wants to keep her man. A final knockout settles the dispute.

Running Time: 58:10

Sleep Control and Toy Soldiers

Sasha and Sarah take turns dominating Candi, Fran and Rose. They repeatedly knock them out with sleeper holds, smothers, pressure points and prolonged tickling. The dynamic duo have their fun seeing how quickly they can finish off their hapless victims. Toy Soldiers is the ultimate little boy's fantasy. Little green soldiers fight on naked battlefields of sleeping beauties complete with sound effects.

Running Time: 63:40

Y2K Shampoo Queen/In Your Dreams

It's the new millennium and Shampoo Queen is putting her title on the line. Rose and Zoe wrestle in the preliminary before getting the chance to face Jill. Finishing holds included: sleeper, neck breaker and neck scissors. Top to toe body shampoos awaited the defeated. In Your Dreams pits Sasha and Lee in a topless battle with finishing sleeper and cobra clutch holds. One lady is sent off to dreamland for good, carried off the mat and left slumped in a chair.

Running Time: 65:05

I'm BACK and Leg Scissor Submission

Zora's year exile has finally ended. In her first match she faces the tough toned Shelli. This topless tussle turns into a slug-fest as both grapplers duke it out bare-fisted. A final K.O. leaves one lady unable to continue. In Leg Scissor Lesson, Katie and Sarah wrestle with the emphasis on leg holds; leg nelson, waist scissors, head scissors, figure-four head scissors and standing head-scissors. The loser is finished off with a reverse head scissors stripped and tied.

Running Time: 56:20

Texas Taped Fist Match Strip and KO with Beth Vs. Candi and Aquel vs Rose

This tape has no holds barred Texas Taped Fist Matches with stripped and knocked out losers. Eye gouges, chokes, punches, knee drives, belly punches, blood and even a billy-club are all used in an effort to acheive victory. Although they start in leotards, t-shirts and bikinis they end bare and brawling their way to a win.

Running Time: 74:45

Fancy Footwork

In Fancy Footwork, Jill puts her tantalizing tootsies to work against Steve. Jill wrestles in five different outfits but the end is always the same: Steve is left smothered under her heels. It only takes Shelli 30 Minutes to take Brad apart but we didn't hear him complaining. Shelli uses her strength and conditioning to keep a game but overwhemlmed Brad under her control.

Running Time: 61:30

Too Close to Home and Just Desserts

Our Favorite Hitlady Rose confronts an assassin masseuse, a leggy, lethal special agent and finally the lady who dispatched them both. Rose fights her adversaries at the gym, on the beach and at the home of the boss lady.

Running Time: 53:00

Submission with Jill vs Lee

Jill (5' 6" - 126lbs) and Lee (5' 8" - 122lbs) wrestle in bikinis in this best of seven falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: reverse head lock, reverse face pin, leg nelson, scorpion leg lock, standing head scissors, over the shoulder back breaker and standing surfboard. You have to see what she has in store for the poor girl.

Running Time: 90:10

Oil Pins and Vodka

Mistress Jade subdues a slave revolt with a dominating combination of oil, pins and vodka. Utilizing a reverse face pin, a school-girl pin and iron claw combo as well as a pin and breast smother Jade forces Candi to bend to her will. The next match has Toni and Zoe wrestle. The even battle rages until one lady is passed out drunk.

Running Time: 44:20

Handicap Match with Christine vs Sasha and Rose

Bodybuilder Christine (5' 3" - 153lbs ) takes on the fitness team of Rose (5' 8" - 130lbs ) and Sasha ( 5' 5" - 138lbs ) in a 30 minute submissions match. Tops are torn off in the course of seven recorded submissions.

Running Time: 84:25

Surprise Surprise

Five years after his first match with Jill (SLV-02) Jack is back for a awaited rematch. To Jack's surprise Jill's friend Toni takes over to completely finish him off.

Running Time:

Winners and Losers XVII

Winners & Losers Vol. XVIII continue to bring in the best in climactic finishing action. This tape features 17 closing segments and 19 different ladies. The cost of the tape is $49.95 and would count as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package deal.

Running Time: 59:00

Sleeper Submission and Sleeper Queen

Jade (5' 8" - 120lbs), Toni (5' 7" - 1141lbs) and Xena (5' 8" - 119lbs) wrestle in three sleeper submission/bikini-forfeit matches. An unexpected fourth sleeper finish leaves two ladies out cold and naked. Sasha (5' 5" - 137lbs) and Candi (5' 7" - 132lbs) go head to head in a best of five falls sleeper submissions only match to determine who is Sleeper Queen of Women's World.

Running Time: 51:20

Topless Tag Teams

This best of 7 falls topless tag team matches Beth 5' 4" - 126lbs) and Katie (5' 6" - 119lbs) against Rachel (5' 10" - 140lbs) and Rose (5' 8" - 130lbs). Finishing submissions included: Camel Clutch, grapevine with reverse headlock, hangman's reverse chinlock, over the knee back-breaker, standing surfboard, figure-4 reverse headscissors and a double atomic drop.

Running Time: 72:35

Mistress and Fighting Slaves and CRUEL

Mistresses Jade and Rose send their naked fighting slaves into action in an effort to claim them all. A Camel Clutch with a neck twist, heart punch, reverse neck stretch and sleeper were all utilizied. Before it all ended only one person was let standing. In Cruel, Candi and Zora battle for dominance. The unfortunate loser was subjected to a standing neck scissor, Boston Crab, and reverse face pin before being ball-gagged, leashed and made to walk on all fours.

Running Time: 69:45

Rematch and Competive

David (5' 7" - 151lbs) and Toni (5' 7" - 116lbs) have their long awaited rematch. This was a 30 minutes pins and submissions match with rolling off the mat intensity as three pins and one head-scissors submission were recorded. David and Randi (5' 6" - 136lbs) squared off in a equally intense encounter. With the lovely Rose refereeing these two evenly matched competitors struggles through 30 minutes of give and take action with one pin recorded.

Running Time: 54:00

3 Pin Matches

These three fast paced pins matches featured veteran Rose (5' 8" - 120lbs) and newcomers Katrina (5' 7" - 124lbs) and Claudia (5' 5" - 125lbs) both of whom made their wrestling debut. Each bikini match was 15 minutes with a 5 count pin to win. Multiple pins were recorded in all matches and none ended in a draw.

Running Time: 56:05

8 Vignettes and Up Against the Wall

Aquel delights in tormenting a naked Niki in 8 Vignettes. Aquel totally dominates Niki with kicking, choking, breast and crotch grabs, belly punches, hand smothers, scissors and a sleeper. She ties and gags Niki and leaves her crumpled and unconscious on the carpet. In Up Against the Wall!, Rose and Shelli bearhug, slap, head bang, throat chop, hair pull and face gouge through two encounters: one in bikinis and boots; the other in bikinis and high heels, until one is left limp and propped against the wall.

Running Time: 74:10

Scissor Encounter and Naked Domination

Sarah and new girl Heather wrestle and catfight through five different meetings. They fight in dresses, bikinis, chaps and dominatrix g-strings. They battle on a sofa, struggle near a wall and square off on the mat. Only the outcome remains the same: a scissored and subdued loser. In Naked Domination the seasoned Zora (5' 8" - 128lbs) takes on the novice Katrina (5' 8" - 129lbs) in a 30 minutes submissioins only match. Finishing holds included: scorpion leg- lock, figure-4 leg-lock, jack-knife pin, Cobra Clutch and sleeper. The loser was stood on by the victor and further humiliated by being hog-tied.

Running Time: 47:30

Submission with Lee and Jade

Lee ( 5' 8" - 120lbs) and Jade (5' 9" - 120lbs) were paired in this 30 minutes submissions only match. both ladies, wearing zebra print outfits and bikinis, oiled themselves up for action. Five submissions were used: leg-lock, head-scissors, head-scissors with bow and arrow, chin-lock and Cobra Clutch. Even after the match ended the loser decided to attack and the action followed off the mat and concluded in the shower.

Running Time: 46:40

Handicup with Candi and Toni vs Shelli

Shelli (5' 6" - 132lbs) took on lthe tag team of Candi (5' 7" - 130lbs)and Toni (5' 7" - 114lbs) in this best of five falls handicap match. Finishing submissions included: reverse face-pin, grapevine with breast smother, one arm choke out, reverse hangman's chin-lock and reverse head-lock.

Running Time: 52:10

Tough Girl Showdown

Rose assembles Lee, Shelli and Toni for a Tough Girl Showdown battle on the mat. Before it's over Rose joins in the fight. Punches, knockouts, sleepers, over the shoulder carries and butt pats are all used until three of the four contestants are put away.

Running Time: 68:45

Domination with Oil and Vodka

Mistress Zora disciplines Slaves Candi and Zoe with sleepers, pressure points, head scissors and an iron claw. She softens them up with oil massages and vodka. Zora then toe ties them together with a string of beads as they sit conquered before her.

Running Time: 62:50

60 Minutes with Toni and Jackson

Tantalizing Toni (5' 6" - 121lbs.) subjects Jackson to a full hour of scissors and face sits, proving to him that time goes by quick when you're having fun.

Running Time: 57:45

Masked Blonde and Best of 5 Falls

Masked Blond pits Jill and Fran in a no love lost match. A sleeper hold, face claw and pressure points submission highlight the action but the strip and shaving cream finale climax it. Jade (5' 9" - 123lbs.) and Rose (5' 8" - 122lbs.) are matched in this best of 5 falls submissions wrestle. Right from the start the two exchange heated words. Finishing holds included: sleeper, breast smother, cobra clutch, figure-4 head scissors and iron claw. The loser was left stripped and tied as the victor posed over her.

Running Time: 76:25

11 Scenes and 9 Scenes

Candi and Jade wrestle and catfight through 11 different scenes. The encounters take place in the office, apartment and mat. They fight in dresses, panty-hose, blue-jeans, g-strings and naked. Finishing holds included: reverse head scissors, reverse face sit, standing head scissors, pressure points, sleeper and K.O. punches. Samantha and Sasha fight naked int the office and on the mat in 9 different segments. A bound and gagged victim is further worked over with breast and crotch grabs, belly punches, head scissors and choke outs.

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