Videos 600 - 699


Running Time: 59:30

Deja Vu All Over Again

Hitlady Rose returns to her favorite tanning salon to engage in a little rest and relaxation. Awaiting her with plans to provide Rose a permanent rest are Xena, Carly, Jade and Staci. Meanwhile back at the safe house another group of assassins (Isis, Shelli and Brenda) arrange to retire Rose if she should be lucky enough
to arrive.

Running Time: 123:00

Winners & Losers: Volume XXX

Winners and Losers Volume XXX contains 18 new encounters with fight to the finish climaxes featuring 26 different ladies. This two hour plus video is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 80:30

Pony Down: Jade vs Tori
10 Count K.O. Best of 5 Falls: Aquel vs Isis

Jade and Tori play pony: riding, walking and mounting one another. A brief wrestle ensues with one lady dominating. Aquel (5'0"0118lbs) and Isis (5'3"-129lbs) are paired in this best of five falls, 10 Count K.O. match. Among the recorded K.O.'s were: reverse face sit, Camel Clutch and sleeper.

Running Time: 74:10

2 Pins Matches: Tori vs Alex
Rose vs Mia

We present 2 thirty minutes pins only matches (5 count pin to win). We paired two veterans against two new ladies who made their wrestling debut with this video. This first match was between Tori 5'3"-118lbs) and Alex (5'6"-109lbs). A total of nine pins were recorded. The second match paired Rose (5'8"-117lbs) against Mia (5'2"-106lbs). A total of 8 pins were recorded. Both matches ended with a clear winner.

Running Time: 74:20

Slavery: Jade vs Rachel
Golden Girls: 3 Matches: Suzanne vs Shelli

Mistress Jade puts her new slave girl Rachel through the paces: walking, riding and subduing her in an effort to dominate. Suzanne and Shelli are evenly matched in similar gold attire
in these three matches. The endings included: jack-knife pin, Camel Clutch and K.O.

Running Time: 55:00

More Of The Same: Sasha vs Steve

Some guys just never get it and poor Steve happens to be one. Sasha is forced to dish out more of the same punishment: scissors, pins and smothers in her effort to set him straight.

Running Time: 67:35

Submissions: Best Of 5 Falls: Rachel vs Shelli
Just Jade In 3 Fantasies

Rachel and Shelli are paired in this best of 5 falls topless submissions wrestle. Finishing holds included: atomic drop, fulcrum neck scissors, reverse hangman, reverse headscissors and sleeper. We next feature Jade in 3 fun fantasies: amazon, massage table bondage and dive girl.

Running Time: 78:15

Harem Slaves: Mistress Jade & Slaves:
Alex, Carly, Staci & Tori
Harem Wrestlers: Lita vs Chloe

Mistress Jade assembles her harem to wrestle for her pleasure. Each slave is pitted against another until an ultimate winner emerges. The next match features lovely Lita against beautiful Chloe (making her debut) in an all out fight to win. A reverse hangman and a ferocious bearhug finally decide matters.

Running Time: 57:00

Doubled Up: Lex vs Carly & Staci

Lex gets worked over by two lovely lasses: veteran Staci and novice Carly. They work in tandem to keep the overwhelmed Lex dominted and doubled up.

Running Time: 70:50

Thin Pins Match: Sarah vs Alex
10 Count Pins: Rose vs Neena

These two pin matches paired veterans Sarah and Rose against newcomers Alex and Neena. Each match ended with a decisive reverse face sit finish.

Running Time: 89:00

Standing Finishes

This compilation tape features standing finishes. Captured is the moment when the victor stands in complete triumph on her prone and defeated opponent. Included in this tape are 27 finishing scenes featuring 32 different ladies.

Running Time: 61:00

Ragdolls: Lift & Carry Christine, Shelli and Sarah
K.O.'s For Three: Lee, Shelli and Michelle

Bodybuilder Christine and fitness girl Shelli battle to possess the lithe and lovely Sarah. K.O.'s, lifts and carries are highlighted as the losers are hoisted and carried off by the winner. K.O.'s For Three match Lee, Shelli and Michelle in a knockout, hoist and display three way fight. Ultimately, one lady prevails as the other two are sent to dreamland, posed provocatively on a pillow.

Running Time: 122:00

Bound Moments: Volume 2

This compilation tape highlights the moment when the defeated are subdued and bound. This two hour tape features 45 finishing scenes with 37 different ladies. This tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 72:30

7 Sleeper Encounters: Beth vs Shelli
Shampoo Queen: The Rookie/Staci vs Neena

Beth and Shelli are paired in seven different encounters which all end in a sleeper and strip finish. Shampoo Queen Staci is challenged by Rookie Neena. A sleeper finish settles matters as the loser is stripped, bound, shampooed and shaved.

Running Time: 69:40

Tickle Match: Don't Measure Up/ Jade vs Neena

Jade and Neena are paired in a tickle match. To win requires a knockout followed by a three minute chance of effecting a tickle pass out. Smother K.O.'s are followed by intense tickle sessions using feathers, beads and fingers until one lady succumbs to the tickle torture onslaught.

Running Time: 53:15

Submissions: Best of 7 Falls/ Isis vs Lee

Isis (5'3"-139lbs) and Lee (5'9"-127lbs) are paired in this topless submissions match. Finishing holds included: full nelson/reverse grapevine combo, reverse headscissors, pin & breast smother, grapevine & breast smother, surfboard, Camel Clutch and sleeper.

Running Time: 76:30

2 Enduro Matches: Isis vs Lita/ Lee vs Rose

This tape features two enduro matches: no set falls, no time limit. Victory is achieved when one lady can no longer continue. We paired Isis (5'3"-137lbs) against Lita (5'8"-143lbs) and Lee (5'9"-127lbs) against Rose (5'8"-126lbs).

Running Time: 122:00

8 Mini Custom Videos

This unique tape contains no less than 8 mini custom videos: Wrestle & Massage (Lita vs Kaye), 2 Falls Wrestle
(Katie vs Jade), K.O. Replay (Shelli vs Michelle),
Anka in 3 Fantasies, A Day At The Park, Quckie, Mother and Cop & Robber. This two hour video is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 41:45

Last Laugh: Staci vs Steve
Mixed Match: Jan vs Jerry
Silent Smothers

This mixed tape has three matches. In the first Staci wrestles topless against an arrogant Steve in a best of 5 falls match. The second match is a one fall mixed wrestle filmed at our old gym in the early nineties. The last portion of the tape is a vintage, soundless archive filmed in the privacy of an apartment. Let your imagination provide the soundtrack.

Running Time: 59:30

Neena In 4 Mixed Encounters

New girl Neena (5'7"110lbs) mixes it up in four sensuous scenes: Masked Dominatrix, Spy Girl, Jungle Woman and massage table encounter

Running Time: 58:45

April 1994 Club Tournament

This vintage competitive wrestling tape includes seven lovely ladies: Christine, Sasha, Jill, Roxy, Jessica,
Cheryl & Renee. The highlight of the video is the first ever match-up between Jill and Sasha.

Running Time: 52:50

Real Wrestling: 4 Matches

This tape features four real wrestling matches: Christine vs Sasha in an oil match filmed on location at a nite club; Roxy Vs Jessica in a shaving cream match which loosens the bikini tops of the competitors; Randi (5'6"-143lbs) vs new girl Sherry (5'4"-157lbs) in a scheduled 30 minutes match which did not go the distance due to sudden injury; and Rose (5'8"-131lbs) vs Sherry in a wrestle/catfight which allowed for body punching in the rules.

Running Time: 122:00

Sasha Victorious & Dominating

Your requests for a Sasha compilation tape have been answered. We put together the stunning Sasha in 33 matches with 19 different opponents. The result: Sasha totally dominating her opponent before putting her away. This two hour tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 122:00

Wilted Rose: Volume 4

Rose is back again by popular request in 28 new scenes with 16 different ladies in which she is soundly defeated. This two hour tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 70:40

K.O.'s Again & Again & Again: Shelli vs Lee
K.O.'s & Kisses: Carly vs Staci

Arch rivals Shelli and Lee are back at it: trading punches and K.O.'s , hoisting the slumped loser over a shoulder for parade and tying, untying and retying one another up until a victor emerges. Carly and Staci take turns each other. But that's when the fun really begins. The unconscious loser is stripped, oiled, kissed and toyed with in a very loving and lively manner.

Running Time: 122:30

Winner & Losers: Volume 31

You can never get enough of a good thing and with Winners and Losers Volume 31 you won't be disappointed in knowing what to expect. We capture the battle at the climax and see it through to the triumphant end. This two hour tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 43:00

Vintage Mixed Erotic Wrestling
Coni: Her First Mixed Match

This tape features something old and new. The first match is a vintage mixed apartment match with a heavy emphasis on face sitting smothers. The second match marks the wrestling debut of Coni (5'7"-115lbs) a lithe, long legged and busty girl who is quickly introduced to the rigors of wrestling in a best of 5 falls match.

Running Time: 62:45

Tickle Queen: Jade vs Isis

Tickle Queen Jade (5'9"-131lbs) agrees to defend her title against busty Isis (5'3"-137lbs) in a smother and tickle pass out match. To achieve victory requires a smother knockout and tickle pass out. The girls are intense on winning and resort to feathers, beads, fingers and tongues to render their opponent unconscious.

Running Time: 122:00

Jill On The Losing End

With fan favorite Jill retired from the wrestling scene we thought it only fitting to put together a compilation tape of the lovely lass coming up just a bit short. This tape has 31 matches with 23 different opponents. This two hour video is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 62:00

K.O. & Carry Scenes: Shelli vs Lee
Pony/Pony: Sarah vs Alex

Arch rivals Shelli and Lee tangle topless in 5 exciting encounters. Each ends with a knockout and the loser being shoulder carried and posed by the winner. Lean and lithe ladies Sarah and Alex take turns riding one another in a series of pony mountings. A brief wrrestling match ensues and the loser is done in by a standing head scissors, stripped and walked around by the hair and horsey rode.

Running Time: 73:25

Husband Hassle: Lee vs Staci
The Pony Girls: Alex vs Tori

Lee and Staci catfight over the affections of a mutual lover. Wearing tiny g-strings the two tear into one another using wrestling holds, hair-pulling and face gouges. One lady is finished off with a reverse face
sit, stripped and gagged with her own bikini bottom. Pony girls Alex and Tori go through their paces before an sudden attack renders one lady unconscious and left to the tender mercies of the victrix.

Running Time: 82:00

Something to Remember Me By: Rose vs Storm
More Than She Could Handle: Rachel vs Kaye

Blondes Rose (5'8"-131lbs) and Storm (5'6"-130lbs) attired in black bikinis wrestle in a best of 7 falls match. Finishing holds included: chin lock, Boston Crab, stepover toe hold, layover leglock, figure-4 leglock, one arm choke out and pressure points. Kaye (5'0"-134lbs) and Rachel (5'9"-144lbs) wrestle topless in a 30 minutes submissions only match. Submissions used were: headscissors, over the knee back-breaker, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, grapevine with breast smother. The loser was left stripped and tied.

Running Time: 53:00

More K.O.'s and Kisses: Aquel vs Staci

Pretty blondes Aquel and Staci take turns knocking the other out then having their way with her. The unconscious girl is stripped, oiled and repeatedly kissed. All the while she remains blissfully
unconscious of what is happening.

Running Time: 69:40

Nude to Win: Sarah vs Shelli
Domination and Humiliation: Mistress Rachel/Slaves Isis and Jane

Slender Sarah is pitted against the muscular Shelli in this submissions match with a twist: after losing a fall the loser must forfeit an article of clothing. The end comes when one is naked and no longer able to
continue. Finishing submissions included: strait-jacket choke out, reverse hangman, sleeper, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch and reverse face sit. Mistress Rachel decides to have her slave-girsl Isis and Jane wrestle for her amusement. The end comes with a reverse head-scissors. However the Mistress is not pleased and she decides to punish her slaves. Using a variety of face sits and pressure points the Mistress works the two over before leaving them tied together and unconscious.

Running Time: 60:15

Mixed Match: Storm vs Jackson

Blonde beauty Storm (5'6"-130lbs) uses her wrestling experience to work Jackson over. Storm enjoys him keeping him controlled with scissors and pins. And Jackson clearly enjoyed being victimized by the lovely lady.

Running Time: 122:00

Winners And Losers: Volume 32
21 Scenes with 26 Different Ladies

Another great volume of climactic action is offerred in this tape. As usual a lot of ground is covered and the variety spices it all up. This two hour tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 122:15

Water Battles: 41 Scenes/26 Different Ladies

If you like your ladies wet and wild then this 2 hour compilation video of shower, pool and bucket battles is a must for your collection. This video is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 55:00

Shampoo Queen: The War God / Staci vs Isis
Black Bikini K.O.'s: Shelli vs Cathy

Staci must defend her title against busty Isis, who invokes the favor of the War God to help her achieve victory. A sleeper finish and a head to toe body shampoo awaits the loser. Blondes Shelli (5'6"-130lbs)
and Cathy (5'9"-155lbs) trade punches in 3 K.O. and carry encounters.

Running Time: 35:10

Sunday At the Pool: Rose, Jane, Tori & Alex

Hitlady Rose would like nothing better than to relax by her pool on her day off. But a trio of assassins (Jane, Tori & Alex) have plans to spoil her Sunday. The action covers the pool and shower with a watery end in store for the defeated.

Running Time: 48:00

Double Tickled: Isis, Jane & Rose

Wrestling and tickling are the order of the day as these three topless lovelies engage in a marathon of finger, feather, bead and tongue tickling with the intention of having their tied victim pass out.

Running Time: 73:20
Running Time: 60:20

Pay Attention: Shelli Vs. Jack

A distracted Jack is forced to pay attention to the curvaceous Shelli as she scissors and pins him in an effort to
improve his powers of concentration.

Running Time: 75:50

Creamed: Tori Vs. Deja
5 Encounters: Aquel Vs. Tonya

Tori and new girl Deja have it out in a rough and tumble catfight until one is put away with a sleeper hold. With the loser tied and stripped a messy shaving cream lathering adds to her total humiliation. Aquel and Tonya are paired in five matches: Extreme rules, Huntress, Spy, Wallflower and Nude with Domination Masks. In each encounter the end comes with a K.O.

Running Time: 63:00

The Rematch: Staci Vs. Steve
Jane In 3 Mixed Encounters

Busty Staci agrees to a best of 5 falls rematch with Steve. Finishing holds included: neck scissors, Camel Clutch, double arm stretch, reverse and front face pin. Brazilian beauty Jane makes her mixed wrestling debut in 3 encounters: a domination wrestle, a massage table mix-up and an intrusion while showering.

Running Time: 58:00

Back For More: Cathy Vs. Chris
4 Submission Matches: Beth, Isis and Tonya

Cathy and Chris pick up where they left off in this series of K.O.'s and body carries whereby the unconscious loser is displayed like a trophy by the proud victrix. Beth (5'4"-112lbs), Isis (5'4"-132lbs), and Tonya (5'4"-113lbs) are paired in in three one fall submission matches. The fourth match is a wild three for all. Finishing submissions included: standing surfboard, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch and sleeper.

Running Time: 122:30

Victorious Jill: 23 Matches with 17 different victims

This two hour compilation tape highlights the Scottish spitfire in triumphant victory. You will see Jill demolish the opposition
and emerge victorious every time. This two hour tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 56:30

Dr. Jack Is Back: Cathy Vs. Jack
Cuffed: Alex Vs. Mac

Dr. Jack tries to counsel a scissor obsessed Cathy but she insists on a physical therapy session to work things out. When Cathy gets done the Doctor is definitely out. Boyfriend Mac can't find anything worth watching on TV so girlfiiend Alex agrees to a wrestling entertainment that goes well beyond the ho-hum of nightly network programing.

Running Time: 123:00

Sasha: Defeated and Dominated

We compiled 20 matches with 20 different ladies in which the voluptuous Sasha is soundly thrashed . You get to see the busty beauty subdued, stripped and dominated. This two hour tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 49:45

Unconscious: Aquel Vs. Jane

Blondes Aquel and Jane take turns rendering the other unconscious and having their erotic and sensuous way with them. With the victim blissfully unconscious the victor can kiss, nuzzle and play to her heart's content.

Running Time: 59:15

Reluctant: Alex Vs. Tonya
Pantyhouse Wrestlers: Isis vs. Shelli

A teasing Alex convinces a reluctant Tonya to a best of five falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: Boston Crab,
chinlock, leglock , double anklelock and pancake pin. Pantyhose clad grapplers Isis and Shelli square off in a best of three falls smother submissions match. Finishing holds included: breast, face and foot smother.

Running Time: 122:30

Winners & Losers: Volume 33

Volume 33 of the ever popular Winners and Losers series contains 19 finishing matches with 28 different ladies featured. This two hour tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 122:00

Boston Crab Submissions

This compilation tape contains 71 matches with 57 different ladies and one thing in common: the end comes with a Boston Crab submission. This two hour tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 61:00

Is It Torture?: Isis vs Lee
Scheming Secretary: Shelli vs Rose

Isis and Lee take turns subduing each other with a sleeper then subjecting the victim to a combiniation of tickle and Chinese water torture in an effort to make her reveal her secrets. Rose suspects that secretary Shelli has designs on her husband so she challenges her to a fight to the finish. The loser is unceremonisously stripped, tied and gagged.

Running Time: 65:15

Pins Match: Best of 5 Falls: Alex vs Dana
Scissor Submissions: Best of 5 Falls: Suzanne Vs Kaye

Alex (5'6"-112lbs) is matched with Dana (5'7"-114lbs) making her wrestling debut in this topless pins match. Among the finishing pins used were: cross pin, schoolgirl pin, jackknife pin and face pin. Next we paired Suzanne (5'7"-135lbs) against Kaye (5'0"-133lbs) in this topless scissors submissions wrestle. Finishing scissors used
included: headscissors, standing headscissors, figure-four head scissors, fulcrum neck scissors and reverse headscissors.

Running Time: 63:45

No More Bad Landlords: Shelli & Storm vs Tim
Self-Defense: Xena vs Steve

Shelli and Storm have it out with landlord Tim over the rent. Before they are through the poor landlord is offering new lease terms to satisfy them. Boyfriend Steve tries to convince Xena about the importance of self-defense. Xena soon proves to him that his worries were completely unfounded.

Running Time: 48:20

3 Custom Videos:
Empty Room Catfight: Isis vs Shelli
Questions & a Story with Xena
It's My Party: Dana vs Alex

We compiled three custom made videos into this one tape. The first match has nude grapplers Isis and Shelli meet in an empty room. The battle is carried from wall to wall until one lady literally hits the wall and can no longer continue. Questions & a Story has the lovely Xena answering fan mail questions and then telling a story in her own inimitable style. It's My Party has Dana all ready to go out on the town but not until she tangles with her maid Alex.

Running Time: 53:45

Dr. Jack Is In: Suzanne vs Jack
Best of 5 Falls: Sarah vs Rob

Dr. Jack does not wish to see his most difficult patient Suzanne. Unfortunately she has need not only to see him but scissor him. It makes for a difficult sessions for the good Dr. but good therapy for the difficult patient. Rob has a thing or two to learn about female wrestling and Sarah is prepared to school him in this best of 5 falls match.

Running Time: 61:00

Best of 7 Falls: Jane vs Tonya
Best of 3 Falls: Lee vs Sarah

Jane (5'3"-117lbs) and Tonya (5'3"-111lbs) wrestle topless is this best of 7 falls submissions match. Finishing submissions included: headscissors, jackknife pin, surfboard, full nelson, chin lock and head butt. Sarah and Lee square off in a topless best of 3 falls. Finishing holds included: figure-four headscissors, standing head scissors and reverse face pin. The loser is k.o'ed and ten counted out twice.

Running Time: 70:20

3 Way Slugfest: Cathy, Lee & Shelli
Training Daze: Rose vs Dana

Cathy, Lee and Shelli settle things with their fists as each lady is k.o'ed then tied up. The end comes when 2 of the 3 are finally put out of commission and a winner stands proudly over them. Rose follows a leisurely training regimen while Dana uses an intensive one to get ready for their topless best of 7 falls match. Finishing holds included: ankle & chin lock combo, Cobra Clutch, Camel clutch, bearhug and reverse head scissors.

Running Time: 122:00

Toni: The Tamed Tigress

This compilalation tape features the fiery Toni in 29 matches with 17 different opponents. In each match the agile and athletic Toni is slowed and ultimately subdued by her adversary. This two hour tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100..00 package.

Running Time: 122:00

Winners and Losers Volume 34:
19 Scenes with 24 Different Ladies

Once again we compiled the best finishing footage and action packed climaxes for this Winners and Losers (Vol 34) tape. This two hour tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 92:30

Bearhugs and Backbreakers

This compilation tape contains 72 finishing scenes with 46 different ladies using either a bearhug or backbreaker to defeat her opponent.

Running Time: 55:45

Exercise Nightmare: Shelli vs Steve

Steve has to get to work. Shelli is concerned that Steve is working too much and exercising too little. Something has to give. That something is Steve as Shelli puts him through his worst nightmare: an exercise and wrestling session with her.

Running Time: 85:30

Submissions: Best of 7 Falls:
Aquel vs Storm
Tonya vs Xena

These two best of 7 falls submissions matches went the distance. The first match features beautiful blondes Aquel and Storm. Finishing submissions included: leg nelson, layover leglock, double arm stretch, Boston Crab, hammerlock, sleeper and figure-4 leglock. The second spirited match pits spitfires Tonya and Xena, who used the following to win: jack-knife pin, reverse face pin, standing surfboard, Boston Crab, headscissors, Camel Clutch and neck breaker.

Running Time: 69:15

Bored Biker Girls Have Fun:
Storm, Shelli, Kaye and Tonya vs Tim
Dr. Jack Is Out: Lita vs Jack
Burglar Boy: Xena vs Alan

Bored Biker Girls snatch an unsuspecting victim off the street then tie him up and have their way with him: smothering, trampling and humiliating him. Dr. Jack has more than his hands full with patient Lita: his calming words only incite her into
a serious scissor fury. Novice burglar Alan picks the wrong victim when he surprises Xena at home. When she is finished with him he considers pursuing a different line of work.

Running Time: 76:15

Smother Submissions: Best of 5 Falls: Isis vs Randi
Squeezed into Submission: Sarah vs Xena

Isis (5'4"-136lbs) and Randi (5'6"-137lbs) tangle topless in a best of five falls smother match. Finishing smothers used included: breast, hand, foot and face sit. Sarah and Xena wrestle topless over a boyfriend problem. The two are squeezed into submission with various standing, reverse and figure-four headscissor combinations until one is left unconscious.

Running Time: 60:30

Tag Team Submissions: Best of 7 Falls:
Tonya and Lee vs Isis and Coni

This topless tag team submissions match features Lee (5'8"-124lbs) and Tonya (5'4"-115lbs) against Isis (5'4"-129lbs) and Coni (5'7"-119lbs). The action is fast and furious. Among the finishing submissions recorded: reverse and front face sits, breast smother, choke outs, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch and sleeper.

Running Time: 60:15

K.O.'s, Kisses & Oils: Aquel vs Xena

Aquel and Xena get together for two long erotic scenes. Sleeper holds render the victims helpless and left to the whims of the victor. The naked and unconscious playthings are then subject to oil rubs and kisses.

Running Time: 71:00

Strictly Competitive: David vs Kaye
Seriously Competitive: David vs Shelli

These two ruggedly competitive mixed matches feature the ever game David (5'7"-151lbs) against two tough cookies: Kaye (5'0"-135lbs) and Shelli (5'6"-130lbs) in two 30 minutes pins and submissions contests. Both matches featured multiple pins and submissions.

Running Time: 60:00

Rematch: Best of 5 Falls: Sarah vs Rob
Submissions: Best of 5 Falls: Rose & Shelli vs Les

Having unexpectly lost his first match with the lithe and lovely Sarah, Rob decides that a rematch is in order. Sarah accepts the challenge and you get to see the result. Big and burly Les (6'5"-247lbs) challenges Rose (5'7"-131lbs) and Shelli (5'6"-129lbs) to a best of 5 falls submissions handicap match. Finishing holds included: Boston Crab, Scorpion Leglock and double ankle lock/body stretch.

Running Time: 122:30

Smother Scenes: 60 Scenes with 36 Different Ladies

This compilation tape is for fans of the smother finish. Included in the 60 scenes are foot, hand, breast and butt smothers. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 58:15

Calculating: Shelli vs Lita
Persistent: Alex vs Star

These catfights start with a problem in the office and finish on the mats with the loser stripped, bound and gagged. The first match features blondes Shelli and Lita. The second match has Alex taking on a new lady Star, making her wrestling debut.

Running Time: 74:00

Tick...Tick...Tick: Shelli vs Steve
Spies: Helen vs Jack
Friends Are Here: Tori vs Rob

We offer three mixed matches on this tape: Shelli instructs Steve in the importance of time management, Helen schools Jack in the need to share secrets and Tori gets a Rob ready to meet their friends.

Running Time: 122:30

Walk & Ride: Dog & Pony Show
45 Scenes with 38 Different Ladies

This compilation tape features ladies on parade: they are walked or ridden and sometimes both in 45 smoking scenes. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 69:45

Best of 7 Falls Matches:
Smother & Strip: Shelli vs Coni
Submission: Aquel vs Gabriel

These two matches are best of 7 falls topless submission. Shelli (5'6"-129lbs) amd Coni (5'7"-119lbs) wrestle in a smother and strip format with hand, foot, breast and butt smothers used to achieve victory. Next Aquel (5'0"-117lbs) and Gabriel (5'7"-124lbs). tangle. Finishing submissions included: sleeper, Iron Claw, Camel Clutch, bearhug-heart punch combo and pressure points K.O. The naked and bound loser was sent into unconsciousness with a Wet Willy.

Running Time: 122:00

Winners & Losers: Volume 35:
20 Scenes with 24 Different Ladies

Our latest Winners and Losers tape has indoor and outdoor scenes as well as multiple girls being defeated and all the action captured at the climax. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 62:45

Handicap Match: Kaye & Suzanne vs David
Sibling Rivalry: Tori vs Rob

Intrepid David (5'7"-150lbs) goes up against the formidable tag team of Kaye (5'0"-131lbs) and Suzanne (5'7"-132lbs) in a handicap pins and submissions match. Finishes included: three pins, a figure-four headscissors and an arm bar submission. Tori and Rob are two siblings who settle their rivalry once and for all in a face sitting frenzy finale.

Running Time: 66:50

WWWC TITLE MATCH: Aquel vs Isis (with Kaye & Mia)

Club Champion Aquel puts her Title Belt on the line against challenger and former protege Isis. This best of 5 falls submissions match ended with a punishing cobra clutch which left one wrestler defeated and unconscious. Aquel’s manager Kaye is there to assist and encourage as well as press reporter Mia to interview the participants and record the proceedings.

Running Time: 70:00

Mixed Encounters: Alex vs Mike
Mixed Match Mistake

Perky blonde Alex meets up with Mike in two mixed wrestling encounters which both end with the loser bound and gagged. Voluptous Isis mistakenly thinks she will be wrestling a woman until a male opponent shows up. Having already trained hard Isis accepts the challenge in this best of 5 falls submissions match.

Running Time: 122:30

BEST OF ENEMIES: Rachel vs Rose in 33 Scenes

Veterans Rachel and Rose have often been matched during their long and storied wrestling rivalry so we compiled in 33 scenes the best of those encounters. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 122:30

K. .K. .K. .KATIE: Kicking Butt
(25 Scenes with 16 Different Opponents)

Pretty blonde favorite Katie is featured in this two hour compilation video in which she decisively defeats all challengers sent her way. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 77:50

TENNIS WHITES SUBMISSIONS: (Best of 5 Falls) Xena vs Isis

Veteran Shelli (5’6"-127lbs) faces rookie Mia (5’1"-114lbs) in a best of 7 falls match. Xena (5’8"-123lbs) and Isis (5’4"-131lbs) are paired in a best of 5 falls match with the loser of each fall forced to forfeit one article of attire. Both matches end with knockouts: one via reverse face sit and the other by way of sleeper. Both losers are stripped, posed and stood upon by the winner.

Running Time: 49:50

Aquel (5'0"-115lbs) and Suzanne (5'7"-127lbs) squared off in this topless best of five falls submissions match with a twist: to win the fall required not only a k.o. submission but also a finishing ten count. Fnishing submissions included: headlock, pin choke out, headscissors with arm bar, standing head scissors, figure-four headscissors with Iron Claw, reverse head scissors, sleeper and pressure points.

Running Time: 73:50

Cathy and Lee decide to settle who is going out on the town and who is going out to dreamland. Wrestling and fisticuffs result in multiple k.o.'s until one lady is ultimately put away. Coni (5'7"-124lbs) and Isis (5'4"-131lbs) are paired in a topless best of seven falls k.o. submissions match with one special rule providing for early termination if one can no longer continue. Finishing submissions included: sleeper, reverse face smother, Boston Crab, and grapevine with breast smother. The loser is stripped and posed over by the winner.

Running Time: 59:30


Beautiful and well toned Shelli is anticipating her match with a tough and talented female opponent. Instead a male shows up and challenges her to a best of 7 falls submisisons match. Shelli is more than willing. The two evenly matched grapplers take the match all the way to a seventh fall.

Running Time: 76:00

PRESSURE: Shelli vs Gabriel

Both matches are best of 7 falls topless submissions wrestling. Shelli (5'6"-128lbs) and Gabriel (5'7"126lbs) wrestle hard with heavy emphasis on pressure point submissions to achieve victory.. Dana (5'7"-117lbs) was next up to face the fiery Gabriel. Finishing submissions included: front and reverse face sits, hand smother and Gabriel's trademarked Wet Willy pressure point
k.o. The losers of both matches were stripped, tied and posed over.

Running Time: 122:30


We compiled the best in hand, breast, foot and butt smother in 56 scenes involving 32 different ladies. This two hour tape counts as two in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 82:50


Live wire Xena takes on jolly Jackson in a fun light romp. Xena uses her long legs to advantage and keeps Jackson pinned and scissored. Lovely, lithe blonde Dana (5'7"-117lbs) makes here mixed match wrestling debut. Although clearly over matched she gives a good accounting and even manages to win a fall.

Running Time: 122:30

SHELLI SUBDUED: 36 Losing Scenes with 25 Different Ladies

We compiled this tape for fans of the beautiful blonde battler Shelli. In it we have her featured in the losing role against
formidable female competition. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 73:40


We offer two best of 7 falls submissions matches: Mia (5'1"-114lbs) vs Tonya (5'3"-116lbs) and Isis (5'4"-131lbs) vs Star
(5'7'-124lbs). The first match went the distance and featured the following finishes: full nelson, chin lock, headscissors,
fulcrum neck scissors and sleeper. The other match featured smother submissions finishes: hand, breast, foot and face pin.

Running Time: 122:30


Our latest series entry has 36 finishing scenes featuring 25 different ladies caught at the peak of action. This two hour tape
costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 52:45

Pantyhose Submissions: Suzanne vs Shelli

Suzanne (5'7"-131lbs) and Shelli (5'6"-130lbs) are paired in a best of 7 falls pantyhose submissions match. The finishing holds included: a reverse face sit, Camel Clutch, neck breaker, one arm choke out, breast smother, reverse chin lock and sleeper. The loser is stripped naked and posed over by the winner.

Running Time: 55:30

4 and Out: Cathy vs Shelli
Smother Submissions (Best of 7 Falls): Rachel vs Natasha

This tape offers two one sided domination matches. Strong girl Cathy makes short work of Shelli finishing her in straight falls with a Camel Clutch, reverse headscissors, Boston Crab and reverse hangman. Veteran Rachel (5'9"-153lbs) takes on novice Natasha (5'9"-155lbs) in a smother submissions match. Finishing smothers included: front and reverse face smothers, breast and hand smother.

Running Time: 57:20

Submissions & The Next Day: Alex vs Sarah
J'Accuse: Stephanie vs Tiffany

Cutie-pies Alex and Sarah wrestle topless in a scissor submissions match. The determined loser was back the next day to challenge the winner for an encore scissor squeezing submissions rematch. New girls Stephanie and Tiffany settle a score with one being stripped naked, k.o'ed, hogtied and left lying on top of an office desk as the victorious wife calls her husband about his cheating secretary.

Running Time: 54:00

Jealous Vixens: 3 Matches: Aquel vs Jessica/ Toni vs Heather/ Heather vs Jessica

Jealous Vixens contains three domination matches, featuring chokes, head and body scissors, face sitting and straddle pins. The tape was made in 1992 and aside from Aquel the other ladies
never did any other work for us.

Running Time: 60:20

Shelli's Mixed Rematch

Shelli prepares for her mixed rematch in this best of 7 falls submissions wrestle. Finishing holds included: Boston Crab, front face sit, surfboard, foot smother, breast smother, one arm chokeout
and reverse face sit.

Running Time: 58:45

Ride To Victory: Best of 3 Falls: Aquel vs Coni
Smother Match: Best of 3 Falls: Shelli vs Rose

Both of these best of 3 falls topless submissions matches went the distance with the loser stripped naked. In Ride to Victory the loser is further subjected to a pony ride to exhaustion.
In Smother match the loser is dragged off the mat.

Running Time: 67:25

Sleeper Submissions: Best of 3 Falls: Aquel vs Mia / Shelli vs Rachel

We offer two topless best of 3 falls sleeper submissions matches. All fall victories end with a finishing sleeper followed by a ten count.

Running Time: 122:30

Winners & Losers Volume 37:
22 Scenes with 21 Different Ladies

Volume 37 continues the tradition of giving you variety and the finishing moments you have come to expect. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 56:00

Enduro Match: Shelli vs Tonya
Apartment Ponies: Mia vs Aquel

Shelli (5'6"-129lbs) and Tonya (5'4"-115lbs) wrestle in this specially formated Enduro Match. There are no set falls or time limit. The end comes when one wrestler can no longer continue. This 12 falls match featured some of the following finishes: breast smother, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, Standing Surfboard, Iron Claw, Heart Punch and Stomp/Trample. Mia and Aquel take turns mounting one another for stationary pony rides then quickly settle things with a smother
choke out.

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