Videos 700 - 799


Running Time: 48:45

Tag Team Submissions: Best of 7 Falls: Lee & Tonya Vs. Rachel & Shelli

Lee (55'8"-129lbs) and Tonya (5'4"-113lbs) are paired against Rachel (5'9"-141lbs) and Shelli (5'6"-130lbs) in this best of seven falls topless tag teams submissions match. Finishing submissions included: Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, reverse chin lock, front face pin, over the knee backbreaker, jackknife pin and standing headscissors/standing surfboard. The two losers are then stripped and tied up with their own bikini bottoms.

Running Time: 73:10

Sleeper Submissions: Best of 3 Falls: Rose Vs. Shelli
Best of 5 Falls: Isis Vs. Suzanne

These two topless sleeper submissions matches were hard fought go the distance affairs. Each sleeper k.o. was followed up with a ten count as the loser remained blissfully unconscious
after having been sent to dreamland.

Running Time: 50:10

Smother & Tickle: Isis Vs. Meredith

Reigning Tickle Queen Isis (5'4"-132lbs) defends her title against Meredith (5'5"-131lbs) who makes her wrestling debut in this special smother k.o. and tickle pass out rules match. Finishing smothers featured were: breast, foot and face sit followed by furious feather, finger and bead tickling to effect a pass out.

Running Time: 122:40

Smother Scenes: Volume 3:

53 Scenes With 43 Different Ladies

Fans of breast, hand, foot and face smothers will be treated to a cornucopia of writhing ladies lapsing into unconsciousness with this compilation smother video. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 52:30

Watching The Detectives: Rose Vs. Suzanne

Detectives Rose and Suzanne are hired to find a cassette stashed at a house. When they run into each other the fight begins: starting outside and continuing inside until one finds the cassette and the other is k.o.'ed, stripped and hogtied.

Running Time: 59:10

Tickle Torture: Isis Vs. Aquel & Shelli

Tickle Queen Isis pulls double duty against Aquel and Shelli. She works them over with beads, feathers, fingers and tongue until they pass out from the onslaught.

Running Time: 49:40

Ready For A Rematch: Kaye Vs. David

Kaye (5'0"-133lbs) and David (5'7"-151lbs) agree to a submissions and pins rematch. This 45 minute grueling match tested both the skill and endurance of the two seasoned veterans. The match was evenly fought and resulted in just one pin and one submission.

Running Time: 71:25

A One Fall Fight To The Finish: Rose Vs. Xena
Masked K.O.'S: Rachel, Shelli & Suzanne

Rose (5'8"-126lbs) and Xena (5'8"-123lbs) went at it in a one fall fight to the finish. The loser was k.o.'ed, posed over and stood upon by the victrix. Rachel, Shelli and Suzanne are masked and furious as they trade punches and k.o.'s in this slugfest.. Ultimately, two of the three ladies remained k.o.'ed and a winner emerged.

Running Time: 68:20

10 Count K.O. & Forfeit: Tori Vs. Aquel
One Fall Fight To The Finish: Randi Vs. Kaye

Tori (5'4"-117lbs) and Aquel (5'0"-113lbs) wrestle and trade punches over seven hard fought falls. Each fall ended with a smother or k.o. with the loser having to forfeit an article of attire. Randi (5'6"-138lbs) and Kaye (5'0"-133lbs) wrestle and box topless until one is k.o.'ed, ten counted out and stripped naked.

Running Time: 54:00

Smother K.O. & Tickle Pass Out: Meredith Vs. Shelli

Meredith (5'6"-128lbs) and Shelli (5'6"-129lbs) agree to a special rules match. To win requires both a smother knock out followed by a three minute tickle pass out sesssion. Breast, foot and hand smothers set up the tickle sessions until one lady finally passed out.

Running Time: 61:30

Sleeper Submissions: 3 Matches: Shelli, Isis & Jane
Enduro Match: Rose Vs. Tonya

Shelli, Isis & Jane wrestle one another in three individual matches which all ended in a sleeper submission. The loser was counted out, stripped and posed over. Rose (5'8"-129lbs) and Tonya (5'3"-113lbs) wrestle topless in this 18 fall enduro match. The only to win was to
force your opponent to quit. Among the many finishing submissions featured were: figure-4 head scissors, reverse face sit, over the knee back-breaker, standing surfboard & Boston Crab.

Running Time: 122:30

Winners & Losers Volume 38:
21 Scenes with 21 Different Ladies

Volume 38 contains the finishing climactic moments of 21 different videos. All endings are definitive with a clear winner and loser. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 51:30

All That Glitters: A Tickle Match: Isis Vs. Rose

Isis (5'4"-131lbs) relished the chance to take on Rose (5'8"-127lbs) in this smother k.o. and tickle pass out match. Finishing smothers included: breast, hand and foot. The tickling pass out sessions were extremely intense as feathers, beads, fingers and tongue were all used.

Running Time: 76:00

I'm Ready: Best Of 5 Falls: Coni Vs. Rob
Shelli: Best Of 7 Falls: Third Time Around

Both of these mixed matches went the distance as lovely ladies Coni and Shelli wrestle topless and to their advantage in these two multi-submissions matches.

Running Time: 74:00

Motel Catfight: Jane Vs. Tori
4 Apartment Catfight Scenes With Kaye, Randi & Rose

Jane and Tori meet at a motel to settle matters. This non-stop catfight ended with both girls stripped nude and exhausted. Kaye, Randi and Rose catfight each other individually then in a three for all. The losers of each scene were either smothered or k.o.'ed and stripped.

Running Time: 64:30

Tickle Queen Buzzsaw: Isis Vs. Jane & Shelli
Office Intrigues: Rose, Shelli & Suzanne

Former Tickle Queen Isis wants to redeem herself so she arranges to wrestle both Jane and Shelli indivually. Face sit and foot smothers set up the intense tickle pass out sessions which followed. In Office Intrigues Rose decides to enlist Suzanne's help in her running battle with Shelli. The ensuing action leaves two of the three disposed of as the winner makes arrangements of her own.

Running Time: 65:20

Apartment Catfight Chokeout: Rose Vs. Suzanne
The Black Widow: Rachel Vs. Shelli

Rose and Suzanne battle in bra and panties with their hands around each other's neck until one can choke out her nemesis. Rachel takes on the assignment of finishing off The Black Widow (Shelli), tracking her down to her motel room, entering it and proceeding with her work.

Running Time: 78:00

Scissor Submissions: Best Of 7 Falls: Sarah Vs. Paula
10 Count K.O. & Forfeit: Best Of 5 Falls: Suzanne Vs. Xena

These two go-the-distance matches feature intense competitors intent on winning. Veteran Sarah (5'5"-102lbs) takes on novice Paula (5'5"-103lbs) who makes her debut for us in a scissors only submissions match. Suzanne (5'7"-13lbs) and Xena (5'8"-127lbs) wrestle and trade punches in this 10 count K.O. match. The losers of both matches were left naked and posed over by the winners.

Running Time: 45:20

Blondes: Smother & Spread-Eagled

Beautiful blondes Aquel (5'0"-11lbs) and Shelli (5'6"-128lbs) don't let anything come between them as they wrestle naked in this best of 5 falls match. Each fall ended with a smother k.o. Each time the loser was spread-eagled and posed over by the winner.

Running Time: 55:00

Two Birds With One Stone: Rose Vs. Isis & Mia
Office Revenge: Rose Vs. Shelli

Hitlady Rose gets her latest assignment: eliminate a real estate broker and the client she has arranged to meet at the apartment. Rose relishes the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. In Office Revenge Rose gets her chance to take care of Shelli and put to rest a personal

Running Time: 57:10

The Lair Of The Vampire Queen: Rachel Vs. Isis & Shelli
Vampire's Victim: Rachel Vs. Lita

Reporter Isis and photographer Shelli track down a story which leads them to the lair of the Vampire Queen.
Their unexpected encounter with the Vampire Queen results in their own undoing. As Lita awaits a delivery
a very different delivery-person appears much to her regret.

Running Time: 65:30

Stockings & Garter Match: Best Of 3 Falls: Jessica Vs. Rose
Stockings & Garter Title Defense: Best Of 7 Falls:
Randi Vs. Rose

Rose proclaims herself the Stockings and Garter Queen then proceeds to prove if she is up to the task. Rose
(5'8"-127lbs) wrestles busty Jessica (5'8"-144lbs) in a best of 3 falls match. Finishing holds included: figure-four
headscissors, Atomic Drop & Heart Punch. Rose and Randi (5'6"-137lbs) tangle in a best of 7 falls match which
featured: leg and full nelson submissions, front and reverse face sits, a Heart Punch and a pressure point submission.

Running Time: 74:20

Right To Work: Lex Vs. Isis & Shelli
Coni: Model Wrestler

Lex wastes no time in taking on Isis and Shelli. The two beauties double-team him throughout the match, doubling his work load and his pleasure. Coni models and wrestles for your entertainment in this mixed match.

Running Time: 122:45

Fan Favorites: Shelli Vs. Rose

We compiled video because of repeated requests to see fan favorites Rose and action against each other.
There are 22 definitive scenes with clear winners and losers as we go over the long history that these two beauties
share. This two hour plus tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 71:50

New Office Management: Randi Vs. Shelli
Kiss Of The Vampire Queen: Rachel Vs. Aquel & Coni

Randi challenges Shelli for her job and the two settle it on the mats. The loser is carried off unconscious and stripped and
hogtied on top of the office desk. Vampire Queen Rachel finds her two newest victims in Aquel and Coni as she lures one,
bites both and totally dominates them before putting them under her demonic power.

Running Time: 122:30

Winners & Losers: Volume 39

Volume 39 offers 21 finishing scenes with 25 different ladies caught at the most climactic moment. All end with a definitive
winner and loser. This two hour tapes costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 60:00

The Rundown: Rose Vs. Shelli
Fight & Forfeit: Randi Vs. Kaye

Rose and Shelli smother, scissor and strangle one another in an attempt to obtain a valuable cassette. This see-saw battle starts outside in a car and continues in a storeroom, bathroom, hallway, office and waiting room. An unpleasant surprise awaits the survivor. Randi (5'6"-137lbs) and Kaye (5'0"-134lbs) lock up in a best of five falls submissions with the loser of each fall having to forfeit an article of attire. Finishing holds included: chin lock, standing headscissors, reverse hangman and sleeper.

Running Time: 78:00

Sock It To Her: Isis Vs. Aquel
White Glove Treatment: Lita Vs. Rachel

These two one sided encounters feature the total domination of one lady by another. Isis smothers out Aquel with her hand, foot, breast and butt, tying Aquel up in her own pantyhose and continuing the torment. LIta catches Rachel in her bath, pulling the soaking Rachel out by the hair and dragging her to the bedroom where she punch pounds Rachel until she passes out.

Running Time: 122:30

MIXED BAG: Volume 6

This mixed compilation tape contains 31 scenes with 28 different ladies and 14 gentlemen in various matches and scenes culled from our vast archives. This two hours tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 81:40

30 Minutes: Pins & Submissions: Mia Vs. Elena
Surprise For Three: Aquel, Isis And Shelli

Veteran Mia (5'1"-109lbs) takes on Elena (5'5"-127lbs) who makes her wrestling debut in this 30 Minutes 5 counts pin and submissions match format. Multiple pins and submissions were recorded in this lively topless match. Aquel, Isis and Shelli trade punches and knockouts in this fast paced topless encounter until two of the three remain k.o.'ed for good. A surprise visit then leaves three unconscious battlers totally naked.

Running Time: 54:50

Another Woman's World Wrestling Club Championship:
Aquel Vs. Isis (With Managers Mia And Kaye)

WWWC Champion Isis puts her belt on the line against former champion Aquel. There is a lot of bad blood between the two and it emerges during the course of this best of 7 falls 10 count k.o. match. Managers Mia and Kaye play important supporting roles and
even come to blows during the grand finale.

Running Time: 64:30

Office Promotion: Shelli Vs. Rachel
Stockings & Garter Challenge Match: Rose Vs. Coni

Shelli and Rachel vie for the only promotion avaialable and decide to settle the matter on the mats. The loser is carried off the mat unconscious, stripped, hogtied and layed out on top of the office desk. Rose puts her title up against Coni in this topless best of 5 falls k.o. submissions match. Finishing holds included: sleeper, reverse hangman, reverse face sit and heart punch. The loser is stripped and posed over by the winner.

Running Time: 73:15

Shelli: A Fight To The Finish
It Takes A Woman: Staci Vs. Rob

These two mixed matches feature two beautiful, blonde and busty fan favorites: Shelli & Staci. Shelli agrees to wrestle her mysterious mixed nemesis in a final fight to the finish. Staci agrees to undertake a special assignment and runs up against Rob who stands between her and getting the job done.

Running Time: 75:15

All Smothered Out: Rachel Vs. Coni
Total Scissor Torment: Sarah Vs. Shelli

If you like your matches one sided then this tape is for you. Rachel hand, foot, breast and butt smothers Coni in straight falls. Sarah in turn scissors Shelli into total submission with a variety of figure-four, reverse, standing and fulcrum neck scissors.

Running Time: 68:00

3 Encounters: Carly Vs. Staci
Submissions: Lita Vs. Coni

Carly and Staci wrestle topless and nude in 3 encounters. One ends with a squeeze, the other with a smother and the third with a sleeper. Lita and Coni tangle topless in a best of 7 falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: standing head-scissors, over the knee back breaker, and breast, hand and butt smothers.

Running Time: 122:30

Winners & Losers: Volume 40

Our fortieth edition of Winners and Losers contains 20 finishing scenes with 20 different ladies. This two hour tape cost $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 72:30

Lipstick Games: Rose Vs. Staci
Taking A Powder: Sarah Vs. Isis

A tube of lipstick and a bottle of baby powder are used in strange ways during the course of these two wrestling encounters. The losers are both left stripped, tied and victimized by use of the props
in the winner's hands.

Running Time: 122:30

Sleeper Hold Finishes: Volume 3

We have compiled 53 sleepr hold finishes featuring 42 different ladies in this two hour tape. The cost is $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 58:20

Curiosity Killed The Maids: Rachel, Coni, Isis, Mia & Shelli
Masked Wrestling With Bondage

Maids Mia and Coni discover Vampire Queen Rachel's victims Isis and Shelli in a room they were instructed not to enter. Does their cusriosity get the better of them? You will need to buy the video to find out. Masked Wrestling with Bondage features two nude grapplers. A bearhug, a reverse face smother and a sleeper decide the match. The loser is then securely bond and posed on.

Running Time: 122:30

Smother Scenes: Volume 4

This two hour tape contains 47 different scenes utilizing hand, foot, breast and butt smothers. We feature 32 different ladies in this two hour compilation. This tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 47:35
Vampire Queen's Entertainment:
Rachel, Aquel, Coni, Isis & Shelli

Vampire Queen Rachel revives her slaves and has them smother wrestle one another for her pleasure. After watching the four go at it Rachel decides to join in and subdue them all over again.

Running Time: 68:30

The Job Offer: Shelli Vs. Rose
Friendly Encounters: Aquel & Kaye

There is tension in the air as Shelli and Rose await a phone call with a promised job offer. Once the phone rings the storm erupts as the two smother, scissor and strangle one another in an effort to get the job. Aquel and Kaye literally collide in a doorway but instead of fisticuffs
something else ensues. It appears that any moment a wrestling match may break out as the two pose, play strip poker, slow dance and arm wrestle.

Running Time: 50:50

Smothered & Spread-Eagled: Isis Vs. Shelli

Isis (5'4"-126lbs) and Shelli (5'6"-127lbs) wrestle nude in this best of five falls smother submissions match. The loser of each fall is left knocked out and spread eagled by the winner. Finishing k.o.'s
included: hand, breast, foot and butt smothers.

Running Time: 75:15

Ten Count K.O.: Coni Vs. Xena
Stockings & Garter Championship Match: Rose Vs. Isis

Coni (5'7"-121lbs) and Xena (5'8"-123lbs) are paired in this best of five falls 10 count K.O. submissions match. The loser of each fall had to forfeit an article of attire. Finishing holds included: front face pin,
neck breaker, headscissors, and breast smother. Stockings and Garter Champion Rose (5'8"-129lbs) defends her title against Isis (5'4"-128lbs) in this best of 7 falls 10 count K.O. submissions match.
Finishing submissions featured were: jack-knife pin, standing head scissors, sleeper, neck breaker, reverse hangman, breast smother and reverse face smother.

Running Time: 74:45

Still More Of The Pony Girls: Aquel V.S Carly
Dirty Fighter's Scissor Torment: Coni Vs. Sarah

Aquel and Carly ride and walk each other until an opportunity for a smothering finish presents itself. Coni and Sarah exchange savage scissor holds until one is subdued, stripped and tied. Then the
real torment begins as the loser is subjected to the taunts and torments of a vindictive winner.

Running Time: 70:45

A Golden Opportunity: Kaye Vs. Shelli
Total Scissors: Rose Vs. Sarah

Kaye is offered a golden opportunity to make some easy money if she can finish off Shelli in a wrestling match. Kaye rises to the challenge and confronts Shelli in an effort to collect. Sarah and Rose scissor
one another senseless. The loser is stripped, tied and scissored unconscious.

Running Time: 64:45

Submissions: Best Of 7 Falls: Shelli Vs. Rusti
Fair & Square: Christine Vs. Rose

Shelli (5'6"-131lbs) and Rusti (5'10"-137lbs) wrestle topless in a best of 7 falls submissions match. Finishing holds included: Boston Crab, leg nelson, bow & arrow, reverse hangman, reverse face sit, pressure point k.o. and reverse head scissors. The loser was stripped, hogtied and posed over. In Fair and Square Rose agrees to wrestle a smaller girl for what she thinks will be an easy payday. Instead the mighty Christine shows up and entices Rose to go through with the match by doubling the stakes.

Running Time: 74:20

Creative Hogties: 7 Scenes: Rose Vs. Shelli
Submissions: Best Of 5 Falls: Rachel Vs. Rusti

Creative Hogties pits Rose and Shelli in 7 encounters in both apartment and mat settings. Each scene ends with a k.o. and a different style of hogtie. Rachel (5'10"-139lbs) and Rusti (5'10"-139lbs) are paired in a go the distance submissions match. Finishing submissions included: breast smother/grapevine, leg nelson, double ankle lock, figure-four head- scissors and Boston Crab.

Running Time: 52:10

Submissions: Best Of 7 Falls: Coni Vs. Steve
Mr. Chest: Kaye Vs. Fred

Two topless mixed matches are featured. In the first Coni and Steve wrestle through seven submissions falls until a winner emerges. Finishing submissions included: Camel Clutch, sleeper, front face sit, seated back breaker, reverse face sit, double arm-stretch and choke out. Kaye and Fred have a series of tests of stregnth until one literally comes out on top.

Running Time: 54:10

Stockings & Garter Title Match: Rose Vs. Rusti
1 Fall 10 Count K.O. Match: Rachel Vs. Shelli

Stockings & Garter Champion Rose (5'8"-132lbs) agrees to defend her title against Rusti (5'10"-137lbs) in this topless best of 5 falls match. Finishing submissions featured: front face pin, bow & arrow with headscissors, reverse headscissors & double ankle lock, heart punch and sleeper. Rachel (5'10"- 137lbs) and Shelli (5'6"-131lbs) are paired in a one fall 10 count submissions match. Both ladies were tanned and topless and looking stunning as they wrestled in white tennis dresses.

Running Time: 122:30
K.O. Scenes: 63 Scenes With 47 Different Ladies

We put together some of our favorite k.o. scenes utilizing atomic drops, neck breakers, heart punches, pressure points, clotheslines, scissors, chloroform and reverse hangmans. This two hour tape is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 53:20

10 Count K.O. & Forfeit Match: Best Of 7 Falls:
Isis Vs. Tori
10 Count K.O.'S: Best Of 3 Falls: Rose Vs. Shelli

Isis and Tori are paired in this best of 7 falls match. Each lost fall required the loser to forfeit an article of attire so that the two grapplers were reduced to wearing their birthday suits by the end of this hard fought and very even match. Rose and Shelli punched their way to 10 count k.o.'s in this best of 3 falls topless tussle. The ultimate loser was left k.o.'ed on the floor, stripped, tied, posed over and finally dragged off.

Running Time: 56:00

Submissions: Best Of 7 Falls: Coni Vs. Rusti
Submissions: Best Of 7 Falls: Sarah Vs. Randi

Coni (5'7"-122lbs) and Rusti (5'10"-137lbs) wrestled topless. Finishing submissions included: bow & arrow, breast smother, figure-four headscissors, leg-spread body pin and standing headscissors. Sarah (5'5"-111lbs) and Randi (5'6"-132lbs) also wrestled topless in a best of 7 falls submissions contest. Finishes included: reverse face pin, atomic drop, front face pin, sleeper and clothesline k.o.

Running Time: 64:40

One At A Time: Christine Vs Kaye & Rose
Cooking The Books: Aquel Vs. Shelli

Powerful bodybuilder Christine has her hands full as both Kaye and Rose challenge her. Double teamed Christine is sorely tested by this dual pairing and you will be as surprised as she by the end result. Office manager Shelli accuses office temp Aquel of embezzling office monies. Aquel offers to split the ill gotten gain or to wrestle in an all or nothing showdown. Fortunately for us Shelli decided to go for the wrestle.

Running Time: 65:00

Submissions & Forfeit Match: Best Of 5 Falls:
Rusti Vs. Staci
Submissions & Forfeit Match: Best Of 5 Falls:
Isis Vs. Mia

Staci (5'6"-129lbs) and Rusti (5'10"-136lbs) were paired in this topless best of 5 falls submissions match with the loser of each fall forfeiting an article of attire. Finishes included: jack-knife pin, grapevine with reverse headlock, headscissors, breast smother with one arm choke out and camel clutch. Next paired were Isis (5'4"-129lbs) and Mia (5'1"-114lbs) in a similar formated match. Finishing submissions featured: sleeper, breast smother, camel clutch and atomic drop.

Running Time: 67:00

The Best Legs: Sarah Vs. Shelli
Masked Domination In 7 Falls: Kaye Vs. Rose

Fitness girl Shelli challenges the lithe and lovely Sarah to a best legs challenge. What starts as a timed endurance test turns into a virtuoso display of leg scissoring fury as one blonde totally controls the other. Masked Domination is a very one sided 7 falls wrestling romp. The overwhelmed loser is forced to endure an iron claw, a front face sit, standing head scissors, reverse hangman, camel clutch, reverse face sit,
sleeper and pressure point k.o. She is then unmasked by the victor and forced to endure the agony of being stood upon as the winner muscle poses in total triumph.

Running Time: 54:10

Rusti's Magic Show: Rusti Vs. Tori
Stockings & Garter Match: Rose Vs. Lita

Rusti (5'10"-137lbs) and Tori (5'4"-112lbs) go at it in this best of seven falls topless submissions match. Finishes included a full nelson/grapevine combo, leg nelson, standing bow and arrow and figure-four headscissors; all followed by a magic show in which the naked and bound loser mysteriously disappears. Stockings and Garter Queen Rose is none too happy to find that upstart challenger Lita has taken her title accoutrements. The only way to get them back is to agree to accept a best of 7 falls 10 count k.o. submissions match with her. Rose being no shrinking violet is more than ready to step up to the challenge in defense of her title.

Running Time: 122:30

Sleeper Hold Finishes: Volume 4:
57 Scenes With 39 Different Ladies

Following the release of Sleeper Hold Finishes Volume 3 (SLV-737) an unprecedented number of fans requested another sleeper hold volume be made available as soon as possible. Not wishing to disappoint we culled our vast archives and have compiled this two hour plus video. The cost is $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 53:45

Stretched Thin: Rose Vs. Rusti
Ladies In Black: Best Of 3 Falls: Rachel Vs. Shelli

Rose (5'8"-132lbs) and Rusti (5'10"-139lbs) wrestle topless in a 30 minutes multiple submissions match. A sampling of the many submissions used inluded: surfboard, leg nelson, camel clutch, and standing bow & arrow. Perenial rivals Shelli and Rachel square off in a
best of 3 falls topless submissions match dressed in identical black outfits. The loser however was left bereft of her's at the conclusion of the match.

Running Time: 62:45

Working For Him: Rusti Vs. Jack

Bad boss Jack is interviewing for a new secretary. Rusti is eager to show him that she would be interested in not only working for him but working him over. As things unfold Jack is presented with a laundry list of job perks which Rusti insists he agree to. Is Jack being squeezed into signing off on these mounting employee demands? You bet!

Running Time: 122:45

Winners & Losers: Volume 41:
22 Scenes With 27 Different Ladiies

What would a Newsletter be without another volume of our Winners and Losers series? Volume 41 contains 22 climactic finishes with 27 different ladies. It will not disappoint. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a 4 for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 56:30

Two Massage Encounters: Rachel Vs. Shelli & Rose Vs. Isis

This interesting tape involves heavy vodka consumption, sensuous massage and the opportunity to claim a little extra jewelry. We could explain it as public service video to the dangers of inebriation but then what fun would that be? Our recommendation: buy the tape and see it sober.

Running Time: 71:45

Nude Like Me: Sumbit & Forfeit: Shelli Vs. Tori
Scissors Vs. Smothers: Best Of 5 Falls: Isis Vs. Rusti

Superbly confident Shelli (5'6"-127lbs) shows up naked to wrestle Tori (5'4"-114lbs) in a submit and forfeit match. Since Shelli is spotting Tori all her clothes she gives herself absolutely no margin for error. To lose one fall is to lose the match. Can Shelli back up her vow to get Tori "nude like me"? Long legged Rusti (5'10"-137lbs) and busty Isis (5'4"
126lbs) were paired in this best of 7 falls submissions match. Each uses holds which come naturally to them. Will smothers or scissors triumph?

Running Time: 53:20

The Boss' Better Woman: Suzanne Vs. Shelli
Go For The Gold: Rose Vs. Shelli

Shelli and Suzanne decide to settle a long simmering office dispute. They agree to meet on the mats but the final scene occurs back in the office, leaving one lady stripped and gagged. Both Rose and Shelli take turns seizing the chance to acquire a gold necklace and earrings from a seemingly passed out victim of opportunity.

Running Time: 54:00

Shelli: Fighting For The Fourth

For the fourth time Shelli meets her mysterious mixed match nemesis in a best of 7 falls submissions match. Shelli vows to win. Will she back her words up with action against a guy that seems to have her number?

Running Time: 74:25

Blue Vs. Grey: Best Of 3 Falls: Shelli Vs. Rusti
Tickle Match: She's Easy: Isis Vs. Rose

We were not trying to revisit the Civil War in Blue vs.Grey/ Shelli vs. Rusti; the only thing in common is that both were hard fought determined matches The bikini clad ladies battle through three falls until a winner emerges. Tickle Queen Isis is determined to finish off
persistent challenger Rose in this submission k.o.. and tickle pass out rules match. Rose, having lost to Isis twice before, is just as determined to take her Tickle Queen Title. Fierce tickling with fingers, feathers, beads and tongue finally finishes off one.

Running Time: 70:10

6 Encounters: Isis Vs. Shelli
Pantyhose Encounters: Suzanne Vs. Rachel

Isis and Shelli tangle in 6 encounters. They are variously costumed in: Chinese underwear, harem dresses, hats, black bondage masks and au naturel. Among the finishes used were: an atomic drop, camel clutch, iron claw, sleeper, breast smother and figure-four headscissors.
Suzanne and Rachel meet and tangle in pantyhose: one scene occurs in an apartment and the other on the mats. A final bearhug and stripping leaves one under the stockinged foot of the other.

Running Time: 56:50

Nada . . .Zip . . Zero: Rose Vs. Kaye
Respect: Suzanne Vs. Rusti

These two office dramas unfold as misunderstandings that have to be settled. Kaye is under the impression that Rose owes her $1000.00 for a job she contracted her for. Suzanne feels that Rusti has not shown her the proper respect that her position deserves. Both dramas seemingly conclude on the mats. But what is drama without a grand finale? And that happens as both situations are finally resolved in the office from whence they first arose.

Running Time: 52:30

Third Time The Charm: Rose Vs. Shelli
It Makes Me The Winner: Isis Vs. Tori

Rose tracks Shelli down to an apartment love-nest hoping that this third encounter will finally leave her victorious. Isis and Tori agree to a rematch in a fierce one fall ten count K.O. match complete with a referee: Mia.

Running Time: 55:20

Settling Matters: Suzanne Vs. Rose
Massaged For Her Gold: Tori Vs. Shelli

Rose and Suzanne have been at loggerheads over both office and personal matters. The only way to settle them is on the mats and in an apartment and back on the office desk with the loser stripped, gagged and tied. Tori is mistaken for a masseuse by a slightly tipsy Shelli. Tori uses the opportunity well and takes her payment in what is available.

Running Time: 122:00

Wilted Rose: Volume 5

Rose reprises the role that has made her a fan favorite: loser par excellence. We compiled this two hour video which features her in 27 scenes defeated by 16 different opponents This two hour video costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 122:00

Mixed Bag: Volume 7

We compiled the best mixed wrestling scenes from our vast archives in this tape. We offer 30 scenes with 23 ladies and 14 gentlemen. This two hour video costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 66:00

K.O.Ing An African Princess: Coni, Isis & Shelli
Mother-Daughter Catfight: Rose Vs. Dawn

African Princesses Coni and Isis take turns one another until blonde Shelli decides to join the fray. Mother Rose and daughter Dawn don't see things eye to eye. Dawn is ready to go out on a date and Rose wants to ground her. Only one will prevail.

Running Time: 69:30

7 Naked Encounters: Isis Vs.Kaye
Baker"S Dozen Of Nude Encounters: Coni Vs. Shelli

If birthday suits are your favorite form of attire then this tape won't dissappoint. Isis and Kaye tangle in seven steamy scenes followed by Coni and Shelli locked in naked combat in thirteen episodes.

Running Time: 76:00

Tickle Queen's Helper: Isis Vs. Rose & Rusti
Office Embezzler: Suzanne Vs. Lee

Tickle Queen Isis arranges to have Rusti and Rose wrestle one another with the winner given the opportunity of helping her tickle torture the poor loser. Office secretary Lee finds that Suzanne has been giving herself a raise with the boss' money. After offering to share the spoils Suzanne challenges Lee to an all or nothing wrestle for the filthy lucre.

Running Time: 73:00

30 Minutes: Handicap Match: Suzanne & Rusti Vs. David
30 Minutes:Submissions: Kaye Vs. David

David tests his stamina and wrestling acumen against two tough opponents (Rusti and Suzanne) in this 30 minutes pins and submissions handicap rules match. Kaye faces David by herself in another 30 minutes submissions only match. Three submisssions (two headscissors and an arm bar) were recorded in this intense sweaty encounter.

Running Time: 63:00

Chloroform K.O.'S: Best Of 5 Falls: Jessica Vs. Shelli
Stockings & Garters Championship Match: Rose Vs. Rusti

Red haired spitfire Jessica (5'9"-136lbs) wrestles blonde hellcat Shelli (5'6"-130lbs) in a best of five falls match with the loser smothered into oblivion with a chloroform soaked rag. Stockings and Garters Champion Rose (5'8"-129lbs) puts her title on the line against challenger Rusti (5'10"-135lbs) in this best of seven falls ten count K.O. match. Finishing holds included: neck breaker, reverse hangman, sleeper and guillotine neck scissors.

Running Time: 62:15

Black Leather Bikini Pins: Sasha Vs. Rose
One Pin To Win: Coni Vs. Dawn

Lovely wrestling veteran Sasha (5'4"-131lbs) makes her return after a two year hiatus to tangle with Rose (5'8"-130lbs) in a 30 minutes 5 count pins match. Finishing pins included: cross pin, matchbook pin, schoolgirl pin, front and reverse face pin. Our second match had Coni (5'7"-113lbs) go up against Dawn (5'3"-109lbs) in a pins match format that required only one pin to win.

Running Time: 68:20

Mr Bigmouth: Isis Vs. Rob
I Will Win!: Shelli

Arrogant Rob challenges chesty Isis in a best of seven falls submissions match. Isis wrestles topless and uses all her ample assets to best advantage. Shelli assures her sponsor that this time she will emerge victorious against her aggresive male opponent.

Running Time: 72:00

Disc-Covery: Coni Vs. Randi
Stockings & Garters Challenge Match: Xena Vs. Sasha

Randi is sent in to retrieve a disc. Coni intercepts her and the two have a go at it. Wrestling and catfighting tactics are employed until one adversary is K.O.'ed, stripped and tied. Xena (5'8"-127lbs) and Sasha (5'4"-132lbs) are paired in this best of five falls 10 count K.O. match with the winner earning the right to meet the Stockings & Garters Champion in a future match.

Running Time: 72:00

Tickle Match: Title Defense: Isis Vs. Rusti

Reigning Tickle Queen Isis (5'4"-129lbs) lays her title on the line against tenacious challenger Rusti (5'10"-136lbs) in a tickle rules title match which requires both a submission K.O. and a tickle pass out to win. Among the submissions K.O.'s used were: hand, breast and foot smothers, iron claw, guillotine neck scissors and reverse face sit.

Running Time: 46:00

Tickle Queen: Queen Mixed Tickle

Tickle Queen Isis goes up against a male opponent in her first mixed tickle title defense.

Running Time: 75:20

Challenge For The Championchip: Lee Vs. Rose
Stockings & Garters: Its For The Title: Rusti Vs. Lee

Lee (5'9"-128lbs) and Rose (5'8"-129lbs) wrestle topless in this best of 5 falls 10 count K.O. match for the right to challenge the Stockings & Garters Champion Rusti. The second match featured is for that title as Rusti (5'10"-141lbs) faces her toughest challenger
yet to her title. Both best of 5 falls matches went the distance.

Running Time: 67:00

Tickle Match Challenge: Isis Vs. Sasha

Isis (5'4"-129lbs) and Sasha (5'4"-129lbs) wrestle through seven falls in order to achieve a submission K.O. and a tickle passout. Submission K.O.'s included: head-scissors, iron claw, breast smother, reverse face sit and sleeper.

Running Time: 63:25

Scissors Vs. Smothers: Jessica Vs. Rusti
7 Smothers & Strip Scenes: Coni Vs. Rose

Jessica and Rusti are paired in this best of 7 falls submissions match. Rusti used scissors and Jessica smothers in an attempt to finish off her opponent. Coni and Rose are matched in 7 scenes each ending with a smother (foot, hand, breast) and the loser stripped of her g-string, dress or pantyhose.

Running Time: 53:20

Scissors Vs. Smothers: Jessica Vs. Rusti
7 Smothers & Strip Scenes: Coni Vs. Rose

We compiled 3 custom mini videos into one interesting tape which focuses on the excesses of drinking and talking too much on the telephone.

Running Time: 85:50

30 Minutes: Pins & Submissions: Isis Vs. David
Overtime Rematch: Isis Vs. David

Isis (5'4"-131lbs) wrestles David (5'7"-149lbs) twice on this tape. In both she wears a flattering one piece suit which accentuates her curvey figure. The fast paced first match featured 10 recorded pins
and submissions. Not wishing to wait one moment longer than necessary we quickly scheduled a rematch which was equally thrilling.

Running Time: 61:00

10 Count K.O. Naked Boxing: Rusti Vs. Shelli
The New Office Manager: Isis Vs. Suzanne
2 Winners: Rusti Vs. Shelli

Rusti and Shelli box naked until one is K.O.'ed for a ten count. Isis and Suzanne settle office politics on the mats then back again in the office. In 2 Winners we again pair Rusti and Shelli with a strange twist
which leaves us technically with 2 winners but not a draw.

Running Time: 88:10

Stockings & Garters: Championship Match: Rusti Vs. Kaye
Stocking & Garters: Handicap Match: Rose Vs. Coni & Isis

Rusti (5'10"-139lbs) puts her title on the line against Kaye (5'0"-132lbs) in this best of 7 falls ten count K.O. match. Finishing submissions included: bearhug, camel clutch, reverse hangman, heart punch and reverse face sit. The second match has Rose up against Coni and Isis (whom she had defeated individually) working as a tag team in this handicap rules match which required the loser K.O.'ed and unable to continue.

Running Time: 81:50

Two 30 Minute Pins Matches: Isis Vs. Rose & Rose Vs. Shelli

Both matches were topless 5 count pins matches with multi pins recorded. Each match ends with a definitive winner emerging.

Running Time: 123:00

Winners & Losers: Volume 42
23 Differnt Scenes With 23 Different Ladies

What Newsletter would be complete without a Winners & Losers compilation tape? Our latest offering will not disappoint. It is what you have come to expect. This two hour tape costs $49.95 and counts as
two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 46:25

Rose: Mixed Wrestle

Rose wrestles a male opponent in this hard fought best of 7 falls match that went the distance.

Running Time: 63:40

Spoiled: Isis Vs. Dawn
Hedging Her Bet: Kaye, Randi & Rose

Bratty Dawn is taught a lesson in humility by Isis in 3 match falls. Kaye plots her revenge against Rose by using Randi as her foil. As Rose and Randi go at it Kaye bides her time patiently awaiting the outcome confident that she will win either way.

Running Time: 122:45

Winners & Losers: Volume 43

We are pleased to offer this compilation of closing scenes caught at their most climactic. This two hour video costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

Running Time: 62:05

2 Topless Mixed Matches

Busty blondes Alex and Niki face off against male opponents in two mixed wrestling offerings. The losers of both matches end up tied and bound.

Running Time: 69:30

Kitten/Kitten: Sasha Vs. Shelli
Rose: Knock Yourself Out

Sasha and Shelli square off in a knockouts match which starts in blue jeans and ends in lingerie. In Knock Yourself Out Rose takes on her toughest opponent: herself. In three separate scenarios ( with Rose attired in yellow, red and black) she first shadow-boxes then trades punches for real.

Running Time: 50:50

Coni: 2 Mixed Matches

The lovely and lithe Coni puts in her best effort to date in these two intense mixed wrestling matches.

Running Time: 71:35

A Day Off: Dawn Vs. Shelli
Stockings & Garters Tune-Up: Rose Vs. Xena

New office girl Dawn runs into the resident office manager Shelli and sparks fly. The action covers both the gym and office until one is finally subdued. Rose (5’8"-127lbs) faces Xena (5’8"-133lbs) in a best of five falls 10 count K.O. match with the winner next in line to face the Stockings & Garters Champion. Finishing K.O.’s included: figure-four headscissors, one arm choke-out, standing headscissors, breast smother and front face smother.

Running Time: 55:00

All Out Shutout: Shelli Vs. Tim

Fitness wrestler Shelli goes up against lanky Tim (6’0"-145lbs) in a competitive submissions wrestling match. We used a scoreboard to keep record. At the conclusion of the match the two decided to include some arm-wrestling as a bonus.

Running Time: 123:00

Wilted Rose: Volume 6
29 Scenes With 19 Different Ladies

Fan favorite Rose takes on all comers in this compilation; unfortunately she comes out the loser. This two hour video costs $49.95 and counts as two tapes in a four for $100.00 package.

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