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Running Time: 90:00

Classic Rose: 3 Matches
Reversal: Rose vs Niki
Strip Sleeper Submissions: Rose vs Liz

Cuffed Battles: Rose vs Raquel

Rose is pitted against three rivals in this classic collection. In Reversal she wrestles Niki until a naked and cuffed end. In Strip Sleeper Submissions a best of three falls sleeper only match leaves one lady nude and unconscious. In Cuffed Battles the ladies wrestle cuffed wrist to wrist, ankle to ankle then finally wrist to ankle in a best of three fals struggle.

Running Time: 61:45

Classic Domination: 2 Matches
Ring Dominatrix: Raquel vs Niki
Mat Domination: Rachel vs Shannon

If you like your wrestling completely one sided then these two classics are for you. Raquel totally dominates Niki while Rachel overwhelms Shannon. Both are left stripped and unconscious.

Running Time: 63:05

Classic Custom: 2 Custom Videos
Sensuous Vampire: Alexis vs Niki
Exercise Session: Christine vs Liz

These two classic custom video requests includes an apartment struggle between Alexis and Niki in Sensuous Vampire and a workout tape with Christine using Liz as added weight on her back in exercise session.

Running Time: 90:30

Classic Competitive: December 1995 Tournament

We revisit out December 1995 Club Tournament. We have eleven ladies competing in 8 matches: Amy vs Chelsea, Katie vs Niki, Lynette vs Beth, Jill vs Amy, Sandy vs Cathy, Sasha vs Yvonne, Chelsea vs Beth, Lynette vs Amy

Running Time: 41:15

RING MATCH:  Beth vs Raquel

From our archives we have discovered and combined these two classic matches filmed in 1995 and 1996.  The Ring Match has Beth and Raquel wrestling topless while Apartment Pins pairs Liz and Rose bare-breasted and determined to win. 

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